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Apple Has Heard Your Cries, Bigger iPhones Are on the Way!

Size matters, Apple.


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The iPhone 5S had a lot of great features and impressive specs… that screen, though. Four inches is wimpy compared to Apple’s competitors, but while the competition grew, it seemed Apple was in no rush to follow suit—until now. They’re reportedly getting ready to drop two newer, larger iPhones.

So how big will they be? The Wall Street Journal says one model will be larger than 4.5 inches, and the other will be larger than five inches, which puts them in the range of the Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4 at 4.8 and five inches respectively. Though, the report is that the screens will be larger than 4.5 and five inches so the iPhone screens could be bigger. How much bigger? We’d just be speculating, but it’s probably a safe bet that if Apple was getting into phablet territory that, would be a whole other story.

Being myself a recent iPhone deserter, I can say that screen size was a huge factor in my decision to switch to Samsung, and it’s also a big factor that’s kept me from considering going back. Given the iPhone’s success, it’s clear that not everyone minds a smaller screen, but some people do, and it seems like Apple is finally playing to that market.

Apple loves to stay on schedule, so expect an official announcement and release around their usual September timeline.

(Wall Street Journal via Business Insider, image via Mathieu Thouvenin)

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