Suguru Geto in Jujutsu Kaisen

These Are the Most Formidable ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ Villains

In the Jujutsu Kaisen anime, instead of dealing with mundane algebra or dull literature classes, our protagonists grapple with the rather unsavory task of exorcising malevolent Cursed Spirits—apparently, regular detentions are just too passé. At its core, Jujutsu High seems like the Ivy League for supernatural smackdowns. But what’s academia without a touch of antagonism? 

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Enter the villains—and not just your regular evildoers. We have Sukuna, who makes Voldemort seem like he’s angling for a “Best Mentor” award; Mahito, with a soulful touch (quite literally); and a host of other charismatic malefactors who’d probably be the life of the party—if only the party weren’t about world destruction. These aren’t just baddies; they’re top-tier malevolence with style. So, if you fancy a curriculum that involves dodging death while learning about it, check out the best Jujutsu Kaisen villains who keep the series dangerously fascinating. 

Sukuna (Ryomen Sukuna) 

Sukuna (Ryomen Sukuna) Jujutsu Kaisen anime

In the bustling bazaar of anime antagonists, where evildoers are as common as spiky hairdos and dramatic monologues, Jujutsu Kaisen gifts us Sukuna (or Ryomen Sukuna, for those on formal, potentially cursed, speaking terms). Sakuna isn’t your run-of-the-mill villain who just misplaced his moral compass; no, Sukuna is more like the compass needle that stabs you when you’re trying to find the north.

Boasting not one but a whopping twenty arms (on a good day) and eyes that seem to perpetually say, “I’m plotting something,” he’s less of a “bad guy” and more of an “epic disaster with a personality.” And his residency? Inside the body of our dear protagonist, Yuji Itadori. Talk about an inconvenient roommate situation.


mahito transfiguration in Jujutsu Kaisen anime

Among the infamous roster of Jujutsu Kaisen’s baddies, Mahito emerges like that misunderstood artist in a world of stale, corporate suits. However, instead of paint or clay, his preferred medium is the human soul—and boy, does he get handsy with it. While most villains are content with the standard “rule the world” trope, Mahito takes it further with his soul-bending hobbies, making existential crises look like child’s play. 

His eerily childlike wonder at the malleability of human essence is akin to a child gleefully playing with putty—except this isn’t putty, and the results are far from cute figurines. While his work is undoubtedly horrific, it also contains a perverse philosophy that questions the nature of existence, death, and everything in between. 

Suguru Geto

Geto Suguru in Jujutsu Kaisen anime

While most of us grapple with the occasional philosophical conundrum during late-night introspections, Geto turned his disillusionment with humanity into a career move. As if penning a rather bleak love letter to the world, his manifesto isn’t about rainbows or unicorns; it’s about creating an exclusive VIP club with only Jujutsu sorcerers on the guest list. This man’s Rolodex of Cursed Spirits rivals a socialite’s phonebook, making him the ultimate networker in the world of evil entities. 

And while some villains opt for dramatic capes or towering thrones, Geto’s choice of a simple bandana gives him the air of a hipster gone rogue. Geto is the gloomy conductor of the Jujutsu Kaisen criminal opera, directing the mayhem with a brooding look and an almost lyrical scorn for the trivial things of human existence. 


the volcanic Jogo in Jujutsu Kaisen anime

Meet Jogo, the hottest (literally and figuratively) villain to grace the Jujutsu Kaisen stage. While most anime baddies deal in the currency of dark auras or sinister plots, Jogo brings a more incendiary approach to the table. With a flair for all things volcanic, he’s less of a brooding antagonist and more of a walking, talking natural disaster waiting to erupt. 

Remember that one friend who’s always too enthusiastic, blowing things out of proportion? That’s Jogo if that friend could also spontaneously combust things. But he’s not all molten lava and temper tantrums. Amidst his fiery bravado, there’s an almost endearing attempt to understand human strength and the pesky nuances of the Jujutsu world. 


Dagon Jujutsu Kaisen villain

When most people think of a beach vacation, they envision sun, sand, and perhaps a fruity drink in hand. Enter Dagon, the Jujutsu Kaisen villain who’ll have you rethinking that relaxing seaside retreat. Dagon is a tad too passionate about his niche hobby—in this case, submerging everyone into an oceanic nightmare. 

He turns his foes into reluctant participants in an underwater survival show. Sure, he represents humanity’s fear of the vast, unknown depths of the ocean. Still, one can’t help but think Dagon might just be overcompensating for not being invited to the more “terrestrial” villain parties. 


Hanami Jujutsu Kaisen villain

In a world where “going green” is all the rage, Hanami takes eco-enthusiasm to a somewhat prickly extreme. Imagine Mother Nature’s edgier sibling—the one who thinks photosynthesis is mainstream and scoffs at your feeble attempts at composting. Hanami is physically and metaphorically rooted in the belief of nature’s supremacy. 

Armed with various foliage-fueled powers, Hanami makes you wonder if your houseplants are secretly plotting against you (better start watering them regularly). But amid the verdant vendettas, there’s a poignant undercurrent: a being who longs for a world undisturbed by human havoc. 


Choso Jujutsu Kaisen Villain

Choso is Jujutsu Kaisen‘s version of a brooding elder sibling forever stuck in protective mode. One-third of the tragically artistic “Death Paintings” trio, Choso’s unique blend of familial loyalty and hemoglobin hobbyism would make any family reunion, well, colorful, to say the least. Choso basically just tries to navigate the intricate web of brotherly bonds. 

He’s the type of guy who’d lend you a helping hand, though you should ensure it’s not dripping in blood first. With an affinity for blood manipulation, he’s the kind of character who makes you ponder whether he’s an ardent fan of Twilight or just misunderstood. 

Kenjaku (Pseudo-Geto)

Kenjaku (Pseudo-Geto) Jujutsu Kaisen villain

We’ve all heard of identity theft, but Jujutsu Kaisen takes it to a whole new level with Kenjaku. In a plot twist worthy of a daytime soap opera, this imposter parades around in Suguru Geto’s well-tailored threads and signature bandana, giving doppelgängers everywhere a run for their money. 

Kenjaku might share the original’s impeccable fashion sense, but his motives and backstory are as layered as a gourmet cake at a villainous bake-off. In a world where cursed spirits and sorcerers throw down regularly, he’s the wildcard no one saw coming. One might argue he’s living the ultimate stolen identity dream.

Kechizu & Eso

Kechizu spits blood Jujutsu Kaisen Villain

Kechizu and Eso are best described as a dynamic duo with a somewhat slimy touch. If they had a LinkedIn profile, it’d likely read “Profession: Death Painting Woes, Hobby: Raising the bar for sibling synergy.” While most siblings bicker over remote controls or the last cookie, these two harmoniously wreak havoc, reminding everyone that family outings can be deadly—especially if they involve corrosive liquids and flesh-distorting curses. 

With his trendy tattoos, Eso could easily blend into any hipster café, while Kechizu has a certain gooey charm that’s hard to pinpoint. Together, they’re like the Gothic version of those siblings who wear matching outfits to family gatherings. Their bond, albeit unconventional, serves as a heartwarming (and spine-chilling) testament to the lengths some will go to for family. 

Noritoshi Kamo (Past)

Noritoshi Kamo (Past) Jujutsu Kaisen anime villain

The past version of Noritoshi Kamo isn’t just another antagonist with a fancy curse technique; no, this is the sorcerer equivalent of that uncle with a dark past your family whispers about at reunions. 

Hailing from a prestigious lineage, Kamo’s brand of villainy feels almost Shakespearean—plots, betrayals, and controversial blood manipulation techniques that would make any hematologist raise an eyebrow. Kamo seems intent on winning “Sorcerer of the Year” in the worst possible category. With a history as checkered as a chessboard, his actions reverberate through the ages.

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