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The Best Gifts for Your Goth Friends in 2022

Maybe it's time to visit your local Gothic mansion.

Fairuza Balk as Nancy in The Craft

The stress that comes with struggling to figure out a gift for someone is … something else. Nobody should be scrambling like that in the snow, or even online. What’s helpful is to just narrow it down to what you believe someone will like based on their interests (or give them a gift card, honestly). If you’re someone that’s not so familiar with goth culture, then you may be at a loss for what to get your goth loved one this holiday season.

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So, if you have any goths in your life who are very passionate about being goth, this list might very well help you decide what to gift them. Try to use these gift ideas as a jumping-off point in figuring out what to get. You may just find the right thing by the time you finish reading!

1. Mini coffins

goth stash box on Etsy (WanderlustHeartShop)

These aren’t too challenging to find online in particular, and even local craft stores might have them. Not only can mini coffins serve as simple decorations in a room, but they can also hold small trinkets or charms. It may seem like a cliché gift in some respects, but does it really matter? They are usually cute as hell!

Recommended site: Etsy

2. Collector’s editions of horror movies on DVD or Blu-ray

'The Witch' limited edition Blu-ray
(Second Sight Films)

If your goth loved one happens to love horror, then maybe start with a Gothic horror classic, like The Innocents or a modern throwback, like Crimson Peak. Believe me when I say that collector’s editions of horror films are lovely to own—not to mention, if said loved one is a collector as well, they’ll enjoy your gift even more. You can find them almost anywhere, including local shops that sell DVDs and Blu-rays alongside records and CDs.

Recommended films: Interview With the Vampire (1994), The Witch (2015), and Suspiria (2018)

3. Murder of Crows tarot deck

(Llewellyn Publications)

Of course, not every goth is a witch, reads tarot, etc., but if they do, then this gift is absolutely fantastic. Not only is the deck beautiful, but it’s also very macabre. There’s nothing fluttery about the artwork or the feeling that the deck gives off. It’s almost a guarantee that if you buy this gift, the tarot reader goth in your life will fucking adore this deck.

You can find it easily by visiting Amazon.

4. about-face make-up

about-face makeup in a dark black shade called 'Art of Darkness'

I can personally swear by Halsey’s brand and how good it is. Of course, this may not seem like a gift for a goth, but there are plenty of colors that folks who commit to a darker look will approve of. The make-up is also vegan and cruelty-free, so that’s a bonus. There are almost always sales running and it’s wise to act fast as items sell out VERY quickly.

You can visit the site here.

5. Artwork

Goth sauce sticker made by owlskulls

Supporting small businesses isn’t just something you do during the holidays. You can do it at any point in time, when you’re able to do so. To support goth artists or folks that create Gothic art, browse Twitter, IG, Etsy, or other platforms to find them! Buy your loved one some stickers, prints, pins, patches or whatever they may desire.

Recommendation: owlskulls

Other gift ideas:

  • Gothic jewelry (Etsy is unfortunately the best recommendation I can give)
  • Oddities box (OddlyNostalgia has ethically sourced options for this)
  • Gothic horror books or comics
  • Gift cards to shops that specialize in goth products, such as clothing and accessories (GoodGoth and Rebels Market are two good options)
  • The Vampire Chronicles collection might be suitable if your loved one is super into queer vampires

(featured image: Columbia Pictures)

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