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“Before VFX” Tumblr Shows Us Hollywood Without Its Digital Makeup

There has been some controversy in the world of Hollywood special effects recently. While Life of Pi brings in hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office and wins awards for its special effects, the company that did those effects, Rhythm & Hues, went bankrupt and closed up shop. The effects community protested the Oscars over the weekend, and have since continued their campaign online, where no one can play them off in mid-speech. The new Tumblr “Before VFX” shows us what popular Hollywood films looked like before special effects.

The “Before VFX” Tumblr is showcasing just how much of a difference digital effects play in movies these days. They have the “before” shots from movies like Life of Pi, The Muppets, Prometheus, Men in Black 3, and a lot more. They’re taking submissions for more and have been updating pretty regularly since its launch on Monday.

There are already quite a few photos up on the Tumblr, but we’ve selected a few we think really prove their point well.

[geekovision id=208]

You can check out the Tumblr and subscribe to see a lot more of these.

(via Before VFX)

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