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This App Wakes You up With the Smell and Sound of Bacon From the Institute for the Advancement of Bacon

Oscar Mayer isn't liable if you try to eat your phone.

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I don’t know what’s weirder: Oscar Mayer’s iPhone alarm clock app, which will actually emit the smell of bacon through an add-on piece of hardware, or the incredibly bizarre Oscar Mayer Institute for the Advancement of Bacon website they put together for it. I sure know the future when I see it, though, and the future is bacon.

Yes, there is a bacon-scented alarm clock you can get for your phone. This is not a drill. We live in the future, everybody. Congratulations, and let the high-fiving and champagne toasts commence; we have achieved our higher purpose as a species. You can go and download this app on iOS right now, but you probably already know that, because I’m sure that was the first thing you did before even reading this.

Behold the perfect intersection of food and technology:

bacon scent gif

Like all good things, though, there is a catch with the bacon alarm clock. The app comes with the sound of bacon, because that’s the easy part, but to get the hardware that emits the scent of the perfect breakfast, you’ll have to head over to the Institute for the Advancement of Bacon’s website and answer a few simple questions about your love for bacon and tell them why you love it in three words. May I suggest, “The perfect food?”

Then, just enter your email address and blindly agree to the official rules of the contest, because why pick now to start reading the fine print in signing up for things on the Internet? Only if you’re 18 or older, though, because bacon scented apps are very serious adult business.

I mean, it’s a fairly low price of admission to get yourself a bacon-scented alarm clock. I’d gladly fight you all Hunger Games style for some actual bacon, so I’m fine with putting down my email for an alarm clock version.

Even if you don’t want to give out your email address to Oscar Mayer (or if, like us, you entered your e-mail and didn’t actually “win” one of the devices), you should check out the website to have a laugh at some really over the top bacon worship — like the above bacon flower. Just beware, there is a very real chance that the consistent promise of bacon in the morning with no actual payoff will drive you mad.

(via Geeks Are Sexy, image via Oscar Mayer)

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