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There’s Nothing Worse Than a Backseat Gamer, But They Sure Are Amusing to Watch [Video]

There’s nothing worse than a backseat gamer. If this isn’t something you’ve experienced firsthand, it’s hard to understand exactly what’s wrong with having a friend sit and watch you play a video game. Unfortunately for most, “sit” and “watch” are rarely the only things said friend does. If you’ve ever wanted something you love and cherish picked apart by another human being, having a friend watch you game is a good way to do so. Thankfully, Slacktory has provided a video that demonstrates exactly what the experience is like for those that are still curious.

I wasn’t joking when I called this the worst. Be prepared for a full-out onslaught of nitpicking by someone that isn’t willing to see the forest for the trees.

You were warned.

(via YouTube)

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