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NBC To Develop Super Villain Drama Based on Hench

Cautiously Optimistic

Perhaps spurred by the increasing popularity of comics films, NBC is developing a TV series based on the comic Hench, which centers around a regular guy who, in order to support his family, gets jobs filling in for super villains. Hit the jump to find out more!

Alexandra Cunningham, known for her work on Prime Suspect and Desperate Housewives, has written the script and Peter Berg and Sarah Aubrey are producing.

According to Comic Book Resources, writer Adam Beechen described his comic as “an exploration of the very fine line between hero and villain. It’s the story of how Mike Fulton, average guy, fell into a career of serving as a freelance henchman to a variety of super-villains. A former star college athlete, Mike’s not a bad person in the least but, spurred by a lack of legitimate opportunities, the need to provide for his family and the lure of adrenaline, Mike takes ‘henching’ jobs here and there and, before he knows it, discovers he’s made a career. And it’s a career that comes with high, high costs.”

Previously, Hench had been tagged for a film adaptation, with Danny McBride at the helm, but nothing ever came of it.

While I’m weary of TV shows jumping on the bandwagon of superhero dramas just for the sake of doing so, this comic sounds pretty spectacular and manages to explore superpowers and social responsibility in a fresh and interesting way.

What do you, are you interested in a television adaptation of Hench? Would would you like to see as Mike Fulton? Will a show about super villains be as well received as recent superhero franchises?

(via Deadline.)

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