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Artificial Stones Apparently Big Deal in Competitive Stone Skimming


In case you weren’t entirely caught up on Obscure Sports Quarterly, stone skimming is not a sport to be taken lightly. There’s even been rules against using artificial stones in competitive arenas due to potentially skewing results. But that’s all changed with the coming legality of artificial stones. I’m completely serious.

Three years ago, officials decided to allow the use of artificial stones in an event known as the Welsh Open. It then promptly went on hiatus. Now, after a much needed break from the rigors of stone skimming, Green Events is bringing the competition back and looking to make a huge splash by upholding the artificial stones ruling. Some folks are pleased with the change and some are more traditional about their skimming of stones. To them, artificial stones are an abomination.

But Ron Long, the current over-60 world champion, is excited for the development. According to Long, the inability of folks to remove typically reliable rocks from rivers due to legal issues has stifled the sport. In order to reclaim its popularity, stone skimming must embrace artificial stones as the stones of the future.

Next up, bog snorkeling receives a much-needed rules revision.

(via The Telegraph, image credit via Mitchell Joyce)

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