World Shin-Kicking Competition [Video]

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While we may have marveled at Extreme Ironing, this video of the Shin-Kicking World Championship at the Cotswold Olympick Games proves that unusual UK sports is nothing new. The games, as well as the shin-kicking competition, apparently date from around 1612. The rules of this 400-year old sport are pretty straightforward: Contests grip each other by the collar, and then attempt to knock their opponent over by kicking at his shins. The only protection these bold gladiators are allowed is straw stuffed down their pantlegs.

Of course, today’s version of shin kicking is a bit different from how it used to be. According to Wikipedia, contests used to wear steel-toed boots and attempted to build up a pain tolerance by striking their shins with hammers.

Truly the sport of kings.

(via Bits and Pieces)

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