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New ‘Bluey’ Episodes Are Coming to Disney+!

For when British Bake Off isn't wholesome enough.

Good news, my fellow Americans! New episodes of Bluey are finally coming to the cultural backwater that we call home. The new episodes won’t be here in time for Christmas, sadly, but you’ll be able to kick off the new school year with some all new (new to us, anyway) Bluey stories.

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Disney announced that ten new Bluey episode will hit Disney+ on January 12, 2024. These episodes include “Cubby,” in which Bluey and Bingo build a cubby for their stuffed toy; “Show and Tell,” in which Bandit gets called out for being bossy; “TV Shop,” in which the girls mess around with the CCTV screens in a store, and more.

If those episodes sound familiar, it’s because they already aired in Australia in 2023. That’s right—we’re all getting excited over something that’s old news to Australians. But better late than never, right?

Bluey, one of the top shows on Disney+, follows the adventures of 6-year-old Bluey Heeler and her little sister Bingo. With their parents Bandit (David McCormack) and Chili (Melanie Zanetti), Bluey explores the fascinating world around her. Although the series is aimed at children, it’s garnered a devoted following of all ages.

Which new Bluey episodes are coming to Disney+?

Here’s the complete list of new Bluey episodes and their descriptions, according to Disney.

  • Cubby” – Bluey and Bingo build a very special cubby for their stuffed toy, Kimjim.
  • Exercise” – Bingo pretends to be Boss Bluey’s new employee in the middle of Dad’s backyard workout.
  • Relax” – Bluey and Bingo would rather explore their holiday hotel room than relax on the beach.
  • Stickbird” – On a trip to the beach, Mum teaches Bluey how to throw, while Bingo and Dad get creative with a funny shaped stick.
  • Show and Tell” – Bluey wants to know why Dad’s always bossing her around!
  • Dragon” – Bluey asks Dad to help her draw a dragon for her story.
  • Wild Girls” – Coco wants to play Wild Girls with Indy, but Chloe wants her to play another game.
  • TV Shop” – At the pharmacy, Bluey and Bingo have fun playing with the CCTV screens.
  • Slide” – Bingo and Lila are excited to play on their new waterslide.
  • Cricket” – During a friendly game of neighborhood cricket, the dads struggle to bowl Rusty out.

Oh, those lovable pups! What shenanigans won’t they get up to?

What’s this I hear about a Bluey special?

The ten new episodes aren’t the only content us Bluey fanatics … uh, I mean, our kids are getting in 2024. A 28-minute special called “The Sign” will premiere globally at some point next year. That’s right—Americans get to watch the special as soon as it comes out! We our kids don’t have to wait half a year for it!

What a holiday miracle. As Bluey and Bingo would say, HURRAY!

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