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If We Can Embed the Apple Live Stream, Here’s Where That Will Go [Updating]

The hour is drawing near, and we're scouring the Internet for a stream to show you.


It’s almost kickoff time (Look, dad! I said a sports thing!) for the Apple event, and we will do our very best to bring you a live stream. We still don’t know if Apple will be hosted an embeddable feed (Please?) but if not we’ll find something. Right now we have some pre-game coverage from WPTV CNET that could also have the event live for you.

UPDATE: The event is now over, and we’ve got a recap of what we learned about the iPhone 5S and 5C right here.

UPDATE: It looks like the event is NOT being live streamed, but CNET is doing decent coverage on Livestream including a lot of photos.

(via CNET on Livestream, image via Wolf Gang)

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