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Apparently Ghostface is Going to Be Very Ruthless in ‘Scream VI’

Safety in numbers doesn't seem to matter anymore

Ghostface in Scream, holding a bloody knife.

It’s one thing for Ghostface (there may be more than one) to be running around New York slaughtering our characters in Scream VI (2023). But a brutal, aggressive, and relentless slaughter is another matter. In previous entries to the franchise, we saw whoever was wearing the mask kill as they saw fit. Every single Ghostface killer has had their own motivations. Sometimes those motivations were as simple as gaining social media attention. However, with a lack of credible spoilers (it’s better this way) ahead of Scream VI, we don’t even have any particular suspects. The person or people running around the city could be anyone.

In Scream 5 (2022) the killings weren’t by any means tame. Richie (Jack Quaid) and Amber (Mikey Maddison) weren’t afraid to get violent with their kills. What’s different this time around, then?

Ghostface is quicker and less flashy about what they’re trying to achieve. The scene in the bodega with Sam (Melissa Barrera) and Tara (Jenna Ortega) is the perfect example of Ghostface not fucking around. Guns have been used in the Scream franchise before. But we’ve never seen Ghostface use a shotgun to blow someone away.

Ghostface’s proclamation about being “something different” is very specific and quite frightening. Whoever is behind this killing spree means business. They will kill someone whenever (or wherever) they see fit. Imagine being chased down a tight hallway, crawling across a ladder, or running around what looks like a locked-down home. Ghostface doesn’t seem to care whether it’s day or not. They aren’t afraid to run like the wind.

According to the cast, this Ghostface really is the most bloodthirsty version of the killer we’ve ever seen. In the featurette above, Melissa Barrera says: “This Ghostface is the most ruthless and [is] just killing people for killing sake.”

As a Scream fan, it’s exciting to know the new film won’t be a repeat of what we’ve seen before. We’re in a new era after all. Ghostface isn’t in the ’90s anymore. Horror rules have evolved and changed with the times. Everyone is still a suspect, but safety in numbers doesn’t seem to matter anymore. How many people is Ghostface going to take out? You’ll see them in theaters starting March 10th!

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