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How To Get Your Hands on That ‘Scream’ Popcorn Bucket

Sam holding a Ghostface mask in Scream VI trailer

Ghostface is back and scarier than ever! The TV spots and trailers for Scream (a.k.a. Scream VI) have given us a mere glimpse into what we’re in for with the new slasher sequel. We’ve been promised a very gory time, and I’m all for this New York rampage that Ghostface (or Ghostfaces—there may very well be more than one) is on. The promotions for the Scream movies are always fun, so it came as no surprise that we’d get amped up promotion this time around.

Most likely you’ve seen people posting on social media about Scream merch—specifically the Ghostface popcorn bucket. You might even be wondering where you can get your very own Scream popcorn bucket. I’m going to give all the bloody details.

Where to buy the Scream popcorn bucket

Ghostface popcorn bucket by Cinemark

At this point in time you can purchase the bucket by visiting the official Cinemark website. For folks not located in the U.S., international shipping is available, though prices will vary and it may not be cheap. People are already snagging the buckets and other Scream merch and hiking up the prices on resale platforms. If you can help it, don’t pay over $100. It’s relatively easy to obtain this popcorn bucket at a reasonable price.

Maybe you can personally fill your bucket at your local theater before seeing Scream when it arrives on March 10. I doubt anyone will stop you—or maybe Ghostface will, who knows?

(featured image: Paramount Pictures)

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