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AP Twitter Account Hacked: President Fine, Stock Market Not So Much


The Associated Press just got their Twitter account hacked, and the damage might have been done to your 401k. A tweet sent out from the account earlier this afternoon brought the thankfully fake news of a bombing at the White House in which the President was injured. Though the story was a fake, the repercussions of it are quite real, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average taking a 100 point hit in the moments following the fake tweet.

AP has disowned the tweet and suspended the offending account, and staffers are keeping us appraised of the situation as it develops in the only way anyone watches stories develop anymore — on Twitter, duh.

Obviously we’ll have more on this story as things become more clear. Stay tuned

UPDATE 2:12PM EDT: The Dow’s already mostly rebounded from the brief scare.

(via The Verge)

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