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For Real This Time: Watch the Antares Rocket Launch Live Stream


Some technical issues prevented the launch of Orbital Sciences’ first Antares rocket on Wednesday, but it looks like things are all set to go today. Assuming everything actually goes according to plan, the launch is set to happen at 5PM EDT with the live stream set to start covering the event at 4:30PM EDT. Depending on the weather, you might also be able to see the thing in the sky if you live along the East Coast.

The launch delay stems back to “a premature separation of an ethernet cable from the second stage of the booster” on Wednesday, and they decided against Friday thanks to uncooperative weather. Orbital Sciences seems pretty certain that they’re actually going to get off the ground for real this time.

This is just a test flight for future useful missions using the Antares rocket. It’s not carrying a true payload, just something they’re calling a “mass simulator” to show it’s capable of supporting the necessary accoutrements.

UPDATE: Looks like the launch has been delayed until just after 6PM EDT.

UPDATE #2: Aaaaaaand we’re scrubbed for today. Check back tomorrow!


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