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Watch Game 8 of the FIDE World Chess Championship, Anand vs. Carlsen [Updated]

If Vishy is waiting to strike, now's probably the time to do that.

Anand Carlsen Game 7

Game 7 played out in a surprisingly quick draw compared to the last few games, and Magnus Carlsen defended his two-game lead over Vishy Anand. There are five games left, so we won’t count Anand out, but he’s really going to need to swing momentum back his way to defend his title. Can he do it in Game 8?

[Update – 4:21AM ET] Here’s the stream! Anand really needs a win here to try to swing things back his way. If Carlsen takes Game 8 then Anand would have to go four-in-a-row for the rest of the match to come out on top. A draw keeps him alive, but still leaves him with an uphill fight.

We’ll have the live stream for you as soon as it’s available, which should be roughly 4:00AM ET Tuesday morning.

[Update – 3:58AM ET] Here’s the live board! We expect to have the stream any moment now.

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In the post-game press conference Anand said both he and Carlsen were comfortable with the lines they were playing and knew them well. Perhaps they knew them too well which is what led to a draw in about two hours of play. We haven’t seen a game this quick since the first two rounds of the match.

(via AICF Official on YouTube)

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