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Have You Heard Of Amino, The Social Network for Cosplayers & Anime Fans?


File Amino under “start-ups that give me a twinge of hope,” given its stated goal to create a fandom-friendly alternative to Facebook and Twitter, as well as its diverse team. I had never heard of this app before, but Forbes tells me it’s bustling with thousands of users updating about cosplay, fan-art, and anime gif-set compilations. All they have to do now is promise me they’ve got a killer block-and-report policy for hate speech, and I’m sold.

Amino hasn’t been advertising much; they’re relying on the power of fandom to spread the love. Co-founder Ben Anderson told the Globe,

In your day-to-day life you may not know a bunch of people who love Doctor Who or anime. But you can whip out your phone anytime and anywhere, and connect with thousands of people who love something just as much as you do.

Why use Amino instead of a forum like Reddit, though? Well, besides the obvious reasons, Forbes thinks Amino users like the place “because old people haven’t found it yet.” That may only be a matter of time now that Forbes has covered it.

Have you found Amino already? Is it any fun?

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