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Ryan Coogler Posts Grateful Letter to Black Panther Fans, Saying They Moved Him to Tears

Black Panther director Ryan Coogler recently posted a letter thanking everyone who supported the film. He wrote, "Thank you for giving our team of filmmakers the greatest gift: The opportunity to share this film, that we poured our hearts and souls into, with you. P.S. Wakanda Forever."

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What’s Your Current Fandom, and Why?

Let's check in with what we're obsessing over at the moment.

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Why Did I Hate Twilight So Much?

Confessions of a Twilight hater.

Today video essayist Lindsay Ellis returned to the internet with a video about looking back at the toxic levels of sexist and misogynistic attitudes surrounding Twilight and it's author Stephenie Meyer. It was a very insightful piece especially as someone who proudly slung that toxic level of vitriol.

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Our 2018 Fandom Wishlist

Here are all the things we hope will happen on our favorite shows

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Fans Were Just As Divided Over Empire Strikes Back As They Are About The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been called "the most controversial Star Wars movie ever," but The Empire Strikes Back was just as contentious when it premiered back in 1980.

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Let’s Take a Look at Some of 2017’s Most Popular Cosplay

Cosplaying takes time, skill, effort—and an immense amount of love for the character that the cosplayer is embodying. So who were some of the most popular characters and hard-working cosplayers this year, according to fellow fans?

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Good Grief, Now There’s a Petition to Remove The Last Jedi from Star Wars Canon

In a fit of rage over Star Wars: The Last Jedi, more than 10,000 people have signed a petition urging Disney to remove the film from official Star Wars canon.

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Holy Crap, This Marvel Fanvideo Is One of the Coolest Things I’ve Ever Seen

There are countless fan-made videos out there, many of them quite brilliant. But this one has to be among the very best.

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Star Wars Fandom Is Holding Out Hope for a Finn/Poe Relationship

One of the best fan narratives to emerge from "The Force Awakens" was the suggestion of a romance between heroic ex-Stormtrooper Finn and the dashing fighter pilot Poe Dameron. But as we approach The Last Jedi's release, the fact remains that it is unlikely Disney will explore any pairing of the kind.

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Fandom Is in a Glorious Meltdown Over the Infinity War Trailer

While many people on planet Earth were psyched to see the official Avengers: Infinity War trailer go up, for a segment of the population with a deep emotional attachment to these characters and their world, today has been like Christmas morning mixed with Ragnarok.

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What Is a Problematic Fave?

We know a problematic fave when we see it, but actually nailing down a specific definition can be hard.

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People Are in Love With Pennywise the Clown From It and Fandom Is Having a Field Day

Something unexpected has begun showing up on my Tumblr dashboard: people are attracted to Pennywise the Dancing Clown from It—the demonic monster who eats children—and Pennywise has become an object of fan adoration.

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What the Hell Is Brigsby Bear?

I was on The Onion when I saw an ad for the film Brigsby Bear, and it looked so surreally bizarre that I was sure it was a fake Onion ad for a made-up movie. Mark Hamill and Claire Danes in a film with a guy in a bear suit and a grimacing sun overhead? Sure, guy. But it turns out that Brigsby Bear is real, and according to The New York Times, it's "a largely sweet, often very funny fairy tale about the perils and the sustaining pleasures of obsessive fandom." O RLY?

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Things We Saw Today: Get to Know Michael Keaton’s Vulture from Spider-Man: Homecoming

As part of the marketing blitz leading up to Spider-Man: Homecoming, Sony has released a vignette about the motivations and methods of Michael Keaton's Vulture.

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This Book Will Change Your Life: Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables

"I do not know whether it will be read by all, but I wrote it for all."

On June 30, 1862, the final chapter of Victor Hugo's timeless classic Les Misérables was published. "Timeless classic" is an adage often tossed around, but in this case, it could not be more spot-on. Les Misérables remains as relevant as it was upon publication, and if you read it it will change you as a person.

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Accentuate the Negative: How Our Brains Are Hardwired to Expect the Worst in Fandom and More

Fandom feels are valid and powerful, but as another guy said, with great power comes great responsibility.

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“Your Fave Is Problematic”—Callout Culture, Cyberbullying and Toxic Activism in Fandom

There’s a different kind of callout culture within fan communities that claims to come from a place of good, but is a toxic kind of activism enforced by a small but vocal minority.

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Shannon Purser Comes out as Bisexual After a Clash With Riverdale Fandom

Shannon Purser earned a lot of fans after her turn as Barb in Stranger Things, and we've loved seeing her as Ethel Muggs on Riverdale. Recently, Purser discussed the importance of being comfortable with your sexuality, but hadn't spoken openly about her own. That changed last night, after she ran into some of the trickier elements of online fandom.

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Welcome to the Fan Parade: A Guide for Fandom Newcomers

When I was... a young fan...

Navigating fandom as a newbie can be fraught with peril. Luckily, we’re here to help. It’s dangerous to go alone.

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My Family Couldn’t Help Me Process the Election—But My Fandom Did

My parents aren't really going to be affected by the Trump administration, which meant I had nobody to help me process Donald Trump's election. Enter fandom.

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