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American Gods Series Being Developed for HBO

and let it be known

Is the film adaptation of Neil Gaiman‘s American Gods going to be HBO‘s next high-budget series instead? That might be the case. Just as Game of Thrones makes its debut, The Hollywood Reporter says that HBO has started “developing American Gods for series.” And it looks like this project is in reliable hands:

The project comes from Playtone, Tom Hanks‘s production company, also behind Big Love and Band of Brothers.

A series would certainly mean a more complete adaptation of the novels, which follow Shadow, an ex-convict who lays out a battle between traditional spiritual gods and the new set of “gods” — media, technology, and television. And while a development deal does not automatically mean following through with the series (as Topless Robot reminds us), there is reason to get excited about it actually happening, considering the positive buzz for other geek-friendly series like Game of Thrones and the success of the culty True Blood. I think it’s safe to be cautiously optimistic.

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(The Hollywood Reporter via Topless Robot)

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