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American Gods Team Teases “Much More Energy,” Deeper Character Stories, in Season 2

American Gods showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green sat down with Nerdist to hint at their plans for the second season and discuss how the show will continue to explore the expanded stories of female characters like Bilquis, Laura Moon, and Easter.

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Jon Hamm Cast as the Archangel Gabriel in an Expanded Role for Amazon/BBC’s Good Omens

We've been very excited about the upcoming Good Omens TV adaptation coming from Amazon and BBC Two, which will star David Tennant and Michael Sheen as the demon and angel protagonists, respectively. Today, we just got a bit more exciting casting news that brings story information along with it!

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Things We Saw Today: Stephen Colbert Mocks MSNBC Anchor’s Meltdown With a Meltdown of His Own

On The Tonight Show, Colbert teased O'Donnell that he was showing "solidarity" by leaking his own outtakes, which are predictably hilarious.

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David Tennant and Michael Sheen Certainly Look the Part in Good Omens Reveal Photo

The Good Omens TV series, adapted from Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's novel, is getting ever further into production, with photos of the first episode's readthrough and David Tennant and Michael Sheen's new hair hitting the internet last week. We also got some additional casting news, but today has brought us the first full look at the lead actors in their roles.

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Things We Saw Today: Neil Gaiman Gifts Us With Good Omens Series Pictures and a Lot of Terry Pratchett Emotions

Author Neil Gaiman shared pictures from the upcoming Good Omens BBC/Amazon miniseries and also paid homage to his co-author, the late, great word wizard Terry Pratchett.

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Things We Saw Today: How to Talk to Girls at Parties Trailer Looks More Interesting Than Its Source Material

And I loved the source material.

Looking at this first Japanese trailer for How to Talk to Girls at Parties, I'm really excited, as it seems that the film really delves into themes that the story merely hinted at.

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David Tennant, Michael Sheen to Star in Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens TV Show

Just yesterday, we noticed that David Tennant was hanging around the set of Marvel and Netflix's Jessica Jones season two, but it turns out that getting creeped out by Kilgrave is thankfully not the only Tennant we've got in our future. He's also set to bring Good Omens to life alongside Michael Sheen.

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Bless You, Starz: American Gods Renewed for Season Two

Not that this should come as a surprise to anyone, byt STARZ has renewed American Gods for a second season.

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12 Books to Read If You’re a Fan of American Gods

Satisfy your craving for epic tales of gods, magic, and wayward mortals.

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We Put These 10 American Gods Perfumes to the Smell Test

Splash on some "Becoming Thunder" with us.

When I unwrapped a mysterious package from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, I wasn't expecting to find 10 small bottles with intricately illustrated labels and evocative titles like "Fuck You, Said The Raven."

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American Gods Will Have An All-New Season Finale That’s Not In The Book

The American Gods TV series will feature a season finale that isn't in the source novel, and Gaiman has consulted with the showrunners to ensure that they're set up for material in his planned American Gods 2 sequel book.

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New Clips from American Gods Show How Beautiful and Weird It Will Be

Hello and happy weekend, my American Gods friends! I know many of you are as psyched as I am for this show, and Starz just saved us from the doldrums of Friday afternoon with two delicious extended clips.

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Things We Saw Today: Patty Jenkins Surrounded by Wonder Woman Cosplayers

Over at WonderCon, Patty Jenkins joined a Wonder Woman cosplay meetup, and the photos are filled with joy and...wait for it...wonder.

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Feast Your Eyes Upon These Spectacular American Gods Character Posters


The Starz TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman's bestselling novel, wherein Gods of Old (think the God of Evil) and New (Technology) battle for America, is fiiiiinally coming to our screens on April 30th. We recently saw the trailer, and now a series of promotional posters are upping the excitement ante.

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American Gods‘ Technical Boy Has Been Updated As a Smug, Hipster Tech Bro Who’s All “Bluster and Anger”

Too real, show writers

Bruce Langley, who plays Technical Boy on the upcoming Starz series American Gods, spoke to SyfyWire about updating the character and his personification of the internet for 2017.

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The TV Adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods Looks Amazing

Bryan Fuller's TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman's American Gods/a really compelling reason to get Starz is almost upon us, and this first full trailer is everything we could've asked for it to be. If you're still sad about Hannibal's cancellation and Fuller's withdrawal from the new Star Trek series, it looks like you're going to get a pretty sweet consolation prize when American Gods debuts on April 30—no network TV restrictions in sight.

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New Photo From Starz’s American Gods Introduces All-New Character Not In Neil Gaiman’s Original Novel

Something we have to look forward to in 2017 (other than it not being 2016) is the arrival of Bryan Fuller's American Gods on Starz. Fans of the Neil Gaiman novel are looking forward to seeing their favorite characters brought to life, and non-fans are glad they now don't have to read nearly 800 non-Harry-Potter pages to see what the fuss is about. Something they both have to look forward to? The introduction of a new character, conceived by Gaiman, but not in the original novel.

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The Sandman Movie Just Lost Another Writer, Who Thinks It’d Make a Better TV Show. But Would It?

Screenwriter Eric Heisserer isn't the first screenwriter to leave the movie adaptation of the Sandman graphic novel series. He may not be the last, either, assuming this project continues at all.

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[VIDEO] Interview: Colleen Doran on Combining Children’s Book Art and Horror in Neil Gaiman’s Troll Bridge

We had a chance to talk to artist Colleen Doran at Dark Horse's NYCC booth this year about her illustrations for Troll Bridge, the comic book adaptation of an eerie Neil Gaiman story.

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Bow Down For The First American Gods Trailer

Also: Kristin Chenoweth is joining the cast!

Bryan Fuller's adaptation of the Neil Gaiman novel American Gods for Starz has been in the works for a while now, but our excitement just rocketed to new heights after the show held its first official panel at this year's Comic-Con.

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