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Holy 1940s, The Next Episode Of Agent Carter Has Some Awesome Marvel Crossovers In It


As usual, the TV spot for tomorrow’s Agent Carter spoils vast swaths of the storyline without any care for who might have wanted to watch the episode with new eyes.. But I’m okay with it this time, because oh my god IT’S EVERYTHING I EVER COULD HAVE WANTED.

That’s right, not only will the next episode feature the Howling Commandos of Captain America fame for a special mission in Russia, but they’re doing so to take down the “Black Widow Program” which appears to consist of teaching a bunch of children how to become assassins. You know, just like the origin story of our favorite Russian shield agent and modern-day Black Widow Natasha Romanova, the terrifying details of which we will most likely see in Age of Ultron? Heck yes, give me more of that delicious backstory, please.

It’s also very heavily implied that Dottie is one of Russia’s Black Widow agents as well, which makes sense given her amazing takedown of that creepy smuggler in the last episodeand how familiar the martial arts style looked. I mean, come on, her dayjob is as a ballerina, for God’s sake. Plus, there’s also the possibility that we might meet a young Natasha herself; in the comics, she also grew up in the ’40s and has had her life prolonged by a super soldier-style serum. Perhaps Roger’s blood will continue to play a part in coming episodes as well?

But anyway, let me stop flailing about Black Widow feelings and move on to the other thing we should be excited about here, which is the Howling Commandos playing a bigger part in the story. Gabriel Jones in particular is actually an incredibly big part of Peggy Carter’s comic history and up until now the show has been—well, pretty much a train wreck when it comes to racial representation (basically it’s been one club owner and a featured extra at the boarding house, which is not really great). So hopefully bringing him in will do a lot to open the door for better diversity on the show, provided that this isn’t just a flash in the pan guest appearance. Given that Jones and Carter were romantically linked in the comics and we know from that documentary reel in The Winter Soldier that Carter met her future husband through a connection to Steve Rogers, I’m hoping it isn’t.

What do you all think? Exciting, right?

(via The Escapist)

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