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This Adventure Time Statue is Made of Over 4,000 Wooden Cubes, Obviously Mathematical

It’s pretty clear that we here at Geekosystem have a thing for Adventure Time. It’s not an observation; it’s fact. There’s something about Pendleton Ward’s creation that’s oddly endearing while being strangely hilarious. We even interviewed the man. So when a 4.5 foot statue of Finn, made out of over 4,000 wooden cubes, goes on sale, it’s something that interests us. Etsy user Evan Henry has crafted what is certainly the heftiest Adventure Time work to date, and it’ll only run you $950.

Here’s the description, courtesy of Henry’s Etsy page:

“Thumbs up Finn!”

consisting over 4000, 1 inch wooden cubes

At 4.5 feet tall (54 inches), he weighs 50+

He goes on to note that the sword functions like a tripod, keeping the statue balanced. It is removable, if you’re looking to tempt fate. The only drawback? Finn can only be picked up locally, which means residents of South Florida totally lucked out this time.

(Etsy via it8Bit)

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