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The Adventure Time 3DS Game is Everything You Always Loved


The newest teaser trailer for Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d you steal our garbage?! showcases that the game will be cribbing heavily from its forerunners. With side-scrolling straight out of Mega Man and what looks like a Legend of Zelda-inspired overworld, the Nintendo 3DS game is liable to sate the desire of many folks who’ve been waiting for a new game in the old style. And, of course, those who just can’t get enough Adventure Time will love it regardless.

They don’t even have to wait terribly long! The game will be releasing October 23rd, 2012 and even has a Collector’s Edition available, which is somewhat unusual for a Nintendo 3DS game. The slightly more expensive version will provide a stylus in the shape of Finn’s gold sword, a Monster Manual, a special packaging design of the Enchiridion, and a map of the Land of Ooo. Perhaps better than all of that combined is the sheer fact of playing around in the Land of Ooo at all.

For example, the Cosmic Owl seems to play a part in the game though it’s unknown at this point what exactly its function is. Do we all return to the Cosmic Owl when our lives are spent? Is it a boss that we need to defeat? Perhaps the Cosmic Owl is merely part of all of us.

(Amazon via The Verge, image credit via Amazon)

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