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“Actually, It’s About Ethics In Games Journalism” Meme Gives GamerGate The Respect It Deserves


GamerGate is misogynist harassment hiding behind a thinly-veiled cry for “ethics!”, and anyone wanting a real discussion about ethical problems in games journalism should have removed themselves from the hashtag weeks ago. Or, you know, started questioning huge companies instead of female indie devs. As we mentioned on Friday in our last roundup, the Tumblr Actually, It’s About Ethics In Games Journalism recognizes the preposterousness of the GamerGate mantra, and made it into a wonderful meme. Come, Social Justice Warriors, let’s take a look at some of the highlights, shall we? [slideshow id=2578]

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Not to be left out of the fun, there were some solid ACTUALLYs on Twitter, too:

Over on Reddit, they got into the action on /r/ItsAboutEthics. The subreddit (much like the Zoe Quinn-moderated /r/GamerGate) is pretty devoid of the misogynist garbage you might expect, and is instead filled with gems like:




Meanwhile, over on YouTube, there’s the new GamerGate intro:

And, perhaps most accurate of all:

Share your favorite “Actually, it’s about ethics in games journalism” memes in the comments, or make your own! If countless women weren’t being brutally harassed online and even driven out of their own homes, we could just laugh this whole ridiculous thing off forever!

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