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10 Actors Who Can Play Xavier on ‘Wednesday’

Daniel DiMaggio, Wyatt Oleff, Asher Angel -potential replacements for Percy Hynes White on 'Wednesday'

Following multiple sexual assault allegations against Percy Hynes White, fans are calling for his removal from the hit Netflix series Wednesday. White starred in the show as Xavier Thorpe, a Nevermore student with the ability to turn art into reality, who strikes up a friendship with Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega). Aside from his appearance in The Gifted, Wednesday was one of White’s best known roles.

However, shortly after Wednesday was renewed for a second season, a woman came forward on Twitter to accuse White of sexually assaulting her and her friends. In a Twitter thread that has since garnered thousands of retweets and comments, the woman alleged that White, while living in Toronto from age 17 to 20, built a reputation of preying on and abusing women. She said that White and his friends would throw parties where they would assault intoxicated girls. Many others responded to the initial thread with further accusations against White, including assault, targeting minors, using derogatory language toward women, and bullying those who turned down his advances.

While the accusations sparked shock and outrage, both White and Netflix have remained silent. Meanwhile, fans continue to demand that White be removed from the show. Some have started offering suggestions for his replacement, while others think his absence should be used to explore the relationship between Wednesday and Enid (Emma Myers) instead. Should they decide to recast the role, here are 10 actors who could replace White as Xavier on Wednesday.

Asher Angel

Asher Angel as Billy Batson in Shazam Fury of the Gods trailer
(Warner Bros.)

Asher Angel is a talented young actor in Hollywood who would fit in well in a coming-of-age series like Wednesday. Angel is best known for his role as Billy Batson in Shazam! and will be reprising the role later this year in the sequel, Shazam! Fury of the Gods. His first major role was in the Disney Channel original series Andi Mack, and he has guest starred in All That and High School Musical: The Musical: The Show. Angel’s Shazam! and Andi Mack roles bear some similarities to Thorpe’s character, such as having a good heart, independence, a touch of rebellion, and complicated love interests. Angel’s star power would also bode well for the most popular show on Netflix.

Matt Lintz

Matt Lintz as Bruno Carrelli in Ms. Marvel

Matt Lintz is a young star on the rise who had his breakthrough in the Disney+ original series Ms. Marvel. Prior to Ms. Marvel, Lintz had a stint on The Walking Dead and was one of the actors shortlisted for the role of Spider-Man before the role went to Tom Holland. His career is gaining traction with his role as Bruno Carrelli in the MCU, and it’d be the perfect time for him to pick up a gig on another hit show. Lintz would be a particularly good fit as Thorpe since he has shown he can shine in a supporting role as a reliable best friend.

Aidan Gallagher

Aidan Gallagher as Five in The Umbrella Academy

Aidan Gallagher already has experience with playing a lead role in a hit Netflix original series—The Umbrella Academy. Gallagher has astounded audiences with his performance as the cunning, genius, short-tempered, no-nonsense Five in The Umbrella Academy. He could add another whole layer to Thorpe’s character with his ability to portray such intense and complex characters.

Noah Schnapp

Noah Schnapp as Tommy in Hubie Halloween

Noah Schnapp, best known for playing Will on Netflix’s Stranger Things, would be another good fit for Wednesday. He has built up quite a relationship with Netflix, also starring in the streaming platform’s original film Hubie Halloween. So far, Schnapp has portrayed characters a bit younger and less mature than Thorpe. However, Stranger Things season 4 made it clear that he’s outgrowing those roles and ready to take on an older, more complex character. Plus, he already has experience portraying a character with artistic abilities and deep loyalty to his friends, making him a good fit for Thorpe.

Wyatt Oleff

Wyatt Oleff as Stanley Barber in I Am Not Okay With This

Wyatt Oleff is another actor known for starring in a Netflix original series. Oleff played Stanley Barber in the short-lived series I Am Not Okay With This. Despite the show receiving high praise, especially for Oleff’s performance, it was canceled after just one season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Oleff also gained prominence for his roles in the It and Guardians of the Galaxy films. He is an actor with versatility and a knack for playing characters who are a bit more eccentric and have complicated relationships, making him a strong candidate for Thorpe.

Daniel DiMaggio

Daniel DiMaggio as Oliver Otto in American Housewife

Daniel DiMaggio is fairly new to the film industry, but he seriously impressed audiences with his first lead role in American Housewife. DiMaggio played Oliver Otto, a complex young character who grows into himself over the course of the series’ five seasons. His character is often misunderstood and can come across as a bit snobbish at times, but he is open to a change in perspective. DiMaggio is a talented actor who has experience playing a character with some similarities to Thorpe and he could use another major role to show off his full potential.

Charlie Plummer

Charlie Plummer as Pudge in Looking for Alaska

At age 23, Charlie Plummer already has an impressive resume, including roles in the acclaimed film Lean on Pete and the miniseries Looking for Alaska. He has also appeared in Granite Flats and Moonfall, moving with ease between screens big and small. Plummer has a knack for coming-of-age projects and portraying characters who are passionate, charismatic, and highly intelligent. He could put a nice spin on Thorpe’s charismatic, easy-going, and introverted personality.

Tanner Buchanan

Addison Rae and Tanner Buchanan in Netflix's He's All That.

Tanner Buchanan is another star who has gained prominence from his frequent collaborations with Netflix, and is best known for roles in Cobra Kai and He’s All That. He also starred in Designated Survivor for two seasons as Leo Kirkman. Buchanan has excelled at playing characters who are introverted, rebellious, and artistic, but also have a soft side for their friends and romantic interests. His acting skills make him a strong choice for the role of a complex character in a coming-of-age series.

Finn Wolfhard

Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler in Stranger Things

Finn Wolfhard is another Stranger Things star who would be a good fit for Wednesday. In addition to Stranger Things, he has also starred in It, The Goldfinch, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, and When You Finish Saving the World (directed by Jesse Eisenberg). Wolfhard is also set to make his directorial debut with the upcoming film Hell of a Summer and has dabbled in music and voice acting. Plus, Wolfhard is a versatile actor known for his roles in coming-of-age films and could easily put a snarky and charismatic twist on Thorpe. He has plenty of gigs without Wednesday, but if the series were to score his star power and talent, it’d be lucky.

Louis Hynes

Louis Hynes as Klaus Baudelaire in A Series of Unfortunate Events

Louis Hynes is best known for playing the lead role in Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events and a recurring role in Hulu’s The Great. Surprisingly, Hynes hasn’t had many roles outside of those two series. However, he has proven he can more than hold his own in a major TV series on a streaming platform. A Series of Unfortunate Events received critical acclaim for its performances, including Hynes as the bookish and ingenious Klaus Baudelaire. In The Great, he showed he could also tackle a more mature and comedic role.

(featured image: ABC / Netflix / Warner Bros.)

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