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Microsoft Announces Xbox 360 Achievements Will Earn You Xbox Live Rewards in the Future


Spotted on Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE Rewards Twitter account, the above tweet announces that coming this fall, Achievements will net you Rewards. Achievement unlocked indeed.

Unfortunately, that was all that was announced, with no mention of what the Rewards would be, though a quick look at the Xbox LIVE Rewards page shows rewards like small sums of Microsoft Points and contests with very large amounts of Microsoft Points as the reward, so hopefully, Achievements will net you Microsoft Points. Then, you could buy DLC that unlocks new Achievements to get, which in turn will net you some Microsoft Points, which will help you buy that next DLC pack, and you’ll never stop playing video games for the rest of your life and you’ll die from malnourishment. Hooray!

(Xbox LIVE Rewards via VideoGamer)

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