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Xbox Live Indie Game DLC Quest Turns Basic Features Into Comedy DLC [Video]

There is a disturbing trend with this generation of console games. Aside from the overabundance of space marines and war shooters, one of the most defining aspects of this console generation is that gamers got nickel-and-dimed to death. Yes, downloadable content. DLC that releases on the very day the actual game release. Seventy different types of slightly different clothing. The ubiquitous map pack. Online passes that allow players who already bought the game (though, used) to play online. For whatever this generation ends up being known for in the annals of history, DLC will surely be a prominent memory. So, it was only a matter of time before a game developer with a sense of humor targeted DLC, right? And thus, the Xbox Live Indie Game DLC Quest was born.

DLC Quest seems to be your basic 2D platformer, but where those would normally have players collect coins, rings, or whatever collectible currency is inexplicably floating in the air above never-ending pits to up the player’s score or to power-up weapons, DLC Quest uses the collectible currency to unlock basic features any game should have from the start. Need to ability to move left? Purchase the move left DLC pack. Notice nothing in the game is actually animated? Purchase the animation pack. Is the game on mute, but the television isn’t? You need the sound pack, of course. Don’t worry, these packs are all bought in-game with the in-game currency, rather than your real-life money that you need to spend on the next set of war shooter map packs.

The game definitely knows its history of DLC, as it includes a parody of all of the famous DLC styles you are probably a little ashamed you spent money on, such as the sexy outfit pack, the zombie pack, a hat pack, and even the infamous horse armor. The game is supposedly pretty short, but it only costs 80 Microsoft Points, and what price astute satire?

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