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We Truly Wish NASA Really Had Found a Parallel Universe We Could Escape To

Sorry, you can't go take on your tethered self just yet.

Lupita v Lupita in Us

Dreams of a parallel universe—perhaps a the brighter timeline we all feel has been taken from us—were lifted up and then dashed all in the same evening last night. That sliver of hope that I could venture to Antarctica and take on my tethered self is now gone all because basically gossip sites took a discovery (that NASA and scientists have not figured out yet) and ran with it.

According to Forbes, this “parallel universe” discovery that was being reported on by the New York Post and the Daily Star … isn’t what they think it is. Basically, NASA found something in Antarctica that cannot be explained by our current understanding of physics, and that somehow led to reports to confirmation of a parallel universe where time runs backward. Sorry to disappoint, but there isn’t a universe of Benjamin Buttons on the other side of some invisible wall.

Ibrahim Safa, who was the lead author of the research paper that led to the screams of the parallel universe, took to Twitter to explain, in the simplest of terms, the difference between what the research found and what the tabloids were saying:

The sad part is that many of us on Twitter got our hopes up, because our current reality is … less than appealing. Fleeing to Antarctica to take on our other selves? To be fair, I probably wouldn’t be born, because I think my other universe mother would have never married my father, but also, I don’t know how other universes work!

Still, our hopes and dreams of taking on ourselves and seeing what was happening with them was quickly gone, but the dreams will live on in our tweets.

Maybe there will still be a universe out there where we can just bypass all of 2020. Until then … let’s continue to listen to scientists. Why do people not want to listen to scientists?????

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