Hello Kitty: Day At the Park TTRPG by Roberta Taylor

A Hello Kitty Tabletop Game Is Coming!

Tabletop and video games publisher Maestro Media has announced a multi-year partnership with Sanrio to create a brand new game based on beloved pop culture icon Hello Kitty. In September, Maestro will launch a crowdfunding campaign for Hello Kitty: Day at the Park by Roberta Taylor, with plans to incorporate fan involvement and feedback. The final product will be sent to backers, then made available for retail in 2024.

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“We are ecstatic to be working with Sanrio to bring a new Hello Kitty game directly to the fans,” Maestro Media founder and CEO Javon Frazier said in a statement. “We cannot wait to work directly with the beloved brand’s millions of fans all over the world, incorporating their ideas and feedback, to create a one-of-a-kind experience the community will love.”

Hello Kitty: Day at the Park will be designed for 2–4 players, and each session will last just 20–30 minutes, making it a breezy game for a variety of players. It will be appropriate for ages 8 and up, allowing a new generation of tabletop gamers to be introduced to the medium through a character they already know and love.

Hello Kitty: Day At the Park TTRPG by Roberta Taylor
(Sanrio/Maestro Media)

Maestro Media has previously published beloved games like Sugar Heist and The Binding of Isaac, and the company’s various crowdfunding projects have collectively raised more than $15 million from backers. Although Sanrio has previously partnered with companies like Hasbro, Zoo Games, and Giant Bomb to release Hello Kitty Monopoly and video games Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams and Hello Kitty Online, among others, this will be a very different tabletop gaming experience for fans.

More information about Hello Kitty: Day at the Park will be available this summer. For news, visit hellokittyboardgame.com.

(featured image: Sanrio/Maestro Media)

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