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Someone Paid $9,995 for One Gallon of Michael Jordan McDonald’s Barbecue Sauce

We all know the mythos of weird McDonald’s items that never quite made it to fame, or even infamy. One of the lesser-known items, the McJordan, was a Michael Jordan tie-in burger, which was simply a Quarter Pounder with cheese, barbecue sauce, and two onion rings. As we know from the fervor surrounding the McRib, rare McDonald’s items tend to have some fanatical followers. Case in point, someone spent $9,995 on one gallon of McJordan barbecue sauce from 1992.

Considering the McRib was out of rotation for sixteen years before it came roaring back for a couple months a couple of years ago, we’re not so quick to judge someone spending so much money on a rare McDonald’s barbecue sauce. Coupled with some of us tracking down very specific, very expensive versions of rare video games just to throw onto our shelf of collectors’ items and never use, we know what collecting can be like.

Once a McDonald’s owner in North dakota and collector of McDonald’s memorabilia, Mort Bank put the jug up on eBay. Classily, Bank did not disclose the buyer’s information. A+++, would buy again. Bank recalled how he had the jug up for auction for months at a minimum price of $10,000, but no one bit. Once he set a Buy It Now price of $10,000, someone offered $9,995, and Bank pulled the trigger.

Hopefully, the mysterious buyer of the jug is also a collector of McDonald’s memorabilia. We wouldn’t want to have to worry that someone just really liked the McJordan and is now going to recreate however many sandwiches one gallon of the sauce could make. We know what putting old consumables bought of eBay can be like.

(via ESPN)

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