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Ron Swanson Turkey Burger: Fried Turkey Leg Inside Grilled Hamburger

Last week on Parks and Recreation, polar opposites Rob Lowe’s Chris Traeger and Nick Offerman’s Ron Swanson held a contest to see if a turkey or beef burger would taste better. Ron initially asked if by turkey burger, Chris meant a friend turkey leg stuffed inside a grilled hamburger. Chris didn’t mean that. Suffice it to say, Chris bought a bunch of fancy ingredients from an organic food store and whipped up some fancy turkey burgers, plated them beautifully and described them in detail to the panel of judges (their coworkers). Ron Swanson bought generic beef from his favorite grocery store, Food and Stuff, where he gets most of his food and stuff, and handily won the contest with plain beef hamburgers.

Of course, someone made Ron’s idea of what a turkey burger is, and posted the recipe so everyone could give it a whirl. It is supposedly fairly delicious even though it contains the bone, though one could easily modify the recipe to fry boneless turkey leg meat and put that into separate beef patties. Check out the recipe over on Eater.

(via Eater National)

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