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This Video of People Slipping on Ice is Eight Minutes of Pure Schadenfreude

There are quite a few people out there who are quick to point out that slipping on ice is never a laughing matter. Admittedly, they’re half right in their belief, but what those killjoys fail to grasp is that it all depends on the context. See, when you fall down flat on your face trying to traverse an icy surface, it’s not at all funny. Now if someone else, on the other hand, takes a spill, then by all means, feel free to giggle a little bit — even if this brief moment of relishing in another’s public humiliation is frowned upon. Better yet, whip out the camera and start filming the poor saps getting acquainted with the icy concrete that, up until a few seconds ago, was beneath their feet. That’s what one person did when some hapless pedestrians thought they’d make it across a frozen sidewalk with their dignity in one piece.

Don’t pay any mind to those two shocking orange plastic cones in the middle of the sidewalk, folks. It’s not like they’re there as a warning to be wary of the icy footpath ahead of you or anything. In fact, why not pick up the pace a little? We all got places to go, people to see, so hurry along, now!

(via HyperVocal)

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