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10 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Buy a Nintendo 3DS

Ten games to push you over the fence


The Nintendo 3DS finally has an absolutely fantastic lineup, and a number of those are JRPGs — that’s Japanese role-playing games. Sure, the PlayStation Vita’s got versions of Final Fantasy X, X-2, and Persona 4, and iOS has ports of almost all of Square’s major 2D RPGs. But this year the 3DS is swimming in a pile of JRPG gold, like some kind of electronic, two-screened Scrooge McDuck. The 3DS has become the place for new ideas in JRPGs, and this summer is especially an amazing time for them. That’s why we’ve compiled ten games that are each a very good reason to pick a 3DS up, if you haven’t already.

These are all games that may or may not wet the pants of JRPG fans. They’re connected by not only genre, but also the fact that they’ve all come out this year. And since these are all portable games, you can score any of them on a decent budget. They’re listed in the chronological order of their release dates, all being available either in stores or via the eShop, sans the latter three which aren’t out yet but are scheduled for release later this year.

Play one, play two, play them all!

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