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And Now: 20 Ounces of Pure Espresso in One Drink

A Brooklyn, NY coffee shop called The Pulp & The Bean has devised a drink that makes Starbucks’ 32-ounce iced coffee offering seem tame by comparison: The Dieci, which consists of ten shots of espresso in one cup, for a total of twenty ounces.

This is probably not good for you.

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NY Daily News:

“It’s never been done before,” Fisher said. “It just dawned on me that people really love espresso, so why not just give them a cup full of espresso?”

He drinks 10 cups a day of regular coffee yet couldn’t quite make it through a full cup of his concoction in one sitting.

“I drank a third of it. I’m still spinning,” he said.

The Pulp & The Bean is selling the Dieci for $8 a cup.

While ten shots of espresso contains less than the lethal dose of caffeine, if anyone actually drank a Dieci whole, they would probably not feel too well; in 2007, a young woman in the UK was hospitalized after drinking 14 shots of espresso over the course of four hours.

(NY Daily News via TDW)

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