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Cautiously Optimistic

Y: The Last Man Has a Director, Gets One Step Closer to the Postapocalypse

A movie adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan‘s Y: The Last Man has been simmering for years, but unlike a lot of other more-than-half-a-decade long stints in pre-production purgatory, it’s one where we actually get interested instead of exhausted when we hear that the studio is still pushing people at the project. This is because while Y: The Last Man is the story of the last man on earth after a mysterious and instantaneous plague wipes out every male mammal on the planet except for him and his helper monkey in training, that necessarily means that it’ll be a movie with an enormous cast of female characters of all sorts.

Almost a year ago, New Line found a new set of screenwriters to take on the task of condensing the sixty issues of the comic into one movie, and the studio has just announced that they’ve chosen a director. It’s an unexpected pick, but one that I’m interested in seeing play out.

New Line has tapped Dan Trachtenberg, a director without a lot of credits to his name, and of those credits, the majority of them are commercials for companies like Lexus, Nike, and Coca-Cola. But there’s one more credit that’s worth talking about, and that’s Portal: No Escape.

No Escape is a, you guessed it, Portal fan film that kind of rocked the whole internet video community, and while it’s not my favorite Portal fan film (that’s the one where Chell bakes a cake), but the quality of the film is undeniable, and its handling of a female character (albeit a very small sample size) leaves me with zero complaints.

I don’t feel like any of this give me insight into how Trachtenberg’s Y will go, but it doesn’t give me anything to complain about either. Now let’s just get past the pre-production stage and get this thing moving!

(via The Hollywood Reporter.)

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  • TheHeartSleeves

    Y the Last man is still “covert misogyny” to me. I still think anyone who makes this movie will be making a very violent, possibly slightly more intelligent version of “Hell Comes To Frog Town” complete with a LOST level let down at the end.

    Y is an excuse for Empowerment and porn to merge on screen as enlightened Sci Fi… I guess what sucked the most, was that I never truly believed that without men the world would plunge into an apocalyptic nightmare…. But hey, I’m a guy..

  • Louis Gonzales

    The one thing I liked about ‘Y:The Last Man’ was that it showed that women are/can be just as violent as men (Sliders actually had an episode which showcased that a world like this would basically be the same in every way possible) The concept of the ‘fairer sex’ is absurd, in my opinion, since human nature is the same for both men and women.

  • Lau

    If they want to make this movie, they better do it now. It will be a meaningless story once women rise in government, police, etc.

  • TheHeartSleeves

    I think Y says something else. It says if all the men died woman would be worse than men. The Amazons defined themselves by hatred of men.. who were all dead.. Why? Everyone know woman can be violent. What would have been cool is if the writer actually was interested in how different the world would be if women ruled it? All this comic says is that it would be the same or worse.