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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Someone Managed To Improve The Excellent The Wolverine Poster

The Wolverine struggled through some pretty bad posters before arriving back at the striking sumi-e inspired portraits of its characters. It seems that graffiti artist Poster Boy NYC believed that Logan could look even more intimidating in the poster, however, with the help of some strategic subway poster vandalism. (via Co.Create)

  • Turns out that tattling on internet trolls can be quite effective, at least according to The Frisky‘s news that an “Internet Troll Who Called Professor Mary Beard A ‘Slut’ On Twitter Apologizes After Threat To Tell His Mother”.
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past has kicked off its marketing with the Trask Industries website. Check out the site’s overviews of the sentinels and the X-gene, plus get a look at 1970s Peter Dinklage, also known as Bolivar Trask.
  • Actress Eileen Brennan died on Sunday at the age of 80. Brennan appeared in an impressive number of films, including The Last Picture Show, Private Benjamin, and Clue. Head over to The Hollywood Reporter to read more about her fascinating life and work.

This Captain America dress is chic, patriotic, and perfectly printed. Best of all, it could easily be worn any day, not just as a Cap cosplay. Even better, maker AcidDaisy has a simple tutorial so you can paint one for yourself. (Via Fashionably Geek)

  • Mad Art Lab‘s Pacific Rim science review casts a critical eye on some of the movie’s science fiction statements. It makes some very good points. Why are chalk boards always covered with unconnected formulas in movies?
  • The distribution rights for the LARP movie Knights of Badassdom were recently acquired by Entertainment One. The film, featuring Peter Dinklage, Summer Glau, Danny Pudi, and others, has been in purgatory for some time, but don’t celebrate its release quite yet: The version hitting theaters might be the one that was recut against the express wishes of the director. (via Deadline)

She doesn’t want to be where the people are. Part of their world. This memetic masterpiece by artist Eric Proctor is known as “Part of Your No.” It is the first in what Proctor hopes will be a series. (via Nerd Approved)

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  • Camille Monae

    RIP Eileen…gonna go watch you and Curry in CLUE

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget to watch her in Murder By Death, either! A send up of the classic detective story characters (with some questionable yellowface for Charlie Chan…)

    Precursor to Clue, and Eileen was ALSO in it! :D (Also, you’ll get to see a young Maggie Smith as the sultry Nora).

  • syradobomako

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    Don’t forget to watch her in Murder By Death, either! A send up of
    the classic detective story characters (with some questionable
    yellowface for Charlie Chan…)

  • Anonymous

    God I love Murder By Death.