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Things We Saw Today: Mulan Meets the Doctor

Things We Saw Today

By Karen Hallion (Khallion on Etsy, where prints of this should be available soon). Now is a good time to get this Doctor Who/“I’ll Make a Man Out of You” mashup stuck in everyone’s heads. You’re welcome. (Chocolate & Cream Cake)

This Melisandre character poster was lagging behind the others from season three of Game of Thrones. (blastr)

  • A while back we posted a trailer for Knights of Badassdom, a LARP-themed comedy starring Peter Dinkage and Summer Glau that’s seemed to get no closer to an actual release despite having been in the can for over a year. Bleeding Cool has provided an explanation as to why: Wade Bradley, the CEO of Knights‘ production company, took the film from director Joe Lynch and made his own cut, even though that’s a violation of Lynch’s contract. Now Bradley’s shopping his version around to distributors against Lynch’s will (Bradley reportedly made “significant changes to the original story and concept”). I’m seething. That’s such an evil, evil thing to do. When I said I wanted to see the film, I didn’t mean like this.
  • It’s official: The extended edition of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will be out on DVD/Blu-ray before the theatrical release of the second Hobbit movie on December 13, 2013. (Bleeding Cool)

50 years of Avengers. One poster. Click the image to embiggen. (By Michael Mateyko, via io9)

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