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  1. It’s 2015, Where’s My Flipping Flying Car? Bill Nye and VSauce Explain

    And sharks still look fake.

    Sigh. If Bill Nye himself thinks there are legitimate scientific reasons for why I'm not eating an instant pizza and riding my hoverboard through the Mars colony right now, I guess I'll have to take his word for it.

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  2. But What If the Earth WAS Flat?

    Don't tell Christopher Nolan about this.

    Vsauce's newest episode has some great stuff for your brain to munch on. What would life on a flat disk Earth be like?

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  3. The Science of Arachnophobia and the History of Ghosts, Because Maybe You Are One Right Now [VIDEO]

    If we're all ghosts, does that make the Ghostbusters just "Busters"?

    It's OK. If you're a ghost, so are the rest of us. Feel better? No? Perfect. Also, hit the jump to see why you're so afraid of spiders.

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  4. Is Watch Dogs Possible in Real Life? Kind of, Actually [Video]

    Who watches the Watch Dogs?

    Hacking isn't quite as easy as it's depicted in Watch Dogs, but the game's "you can hack anything" gimmick might be closer to reality than you realize. Geez, nobody tell Glenn Beck.

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  5. VSauce Brings You Awesome Facts About the Very First Game Boy [Video]

    The screen produced 4 shades of grey, and 100 shades of awesome.

    Ahhh, the Game Boy. What fond memories we all have of deliberately not talking to classmates on the bus while we mindlessly chugged along catching all the Pokémon we could. The Game Boy did a lot for Nintendo back in the day, and Vsauce is here to tell you just what went into the making of those 118 million sold units.

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  6. Would It Be Possible for Godzilla to Exist?

    And how many Taco Bell dogs would we have to feed him? Those tie-in commercials were unforgivable.

    As special effects have improved and budgets have gone up, so has Godzilla's size. In his newest incarnation, Godzilla is significantly taller and heavier than the statue of liberty, but would it even be physically possible for an animal like that to exist?

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  7. Oculus Rift Gets Disassembled to Drop Some Facts in Latest Vsauce Video

    You can learn a lot about something by taking it apart. Or letting Jake Roper do it for you.

    Jake Roper from Vsauce3 just emailed us the latest video in his "Fact Surgery" series of stop-motion videos disassembling gaming systems and uncovering facts about them in the process. This time around he takes apart the Oculus Rift. In the email he also assured us that we "R Fresh 2 Death." Thanks. We think.

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  8. Can You Genetically Enhance Yourself? Find Out with Vsauce in Their Half of the AsapSCIENCE Collaboration

    Just tell us when we can shoot bees out of our hands!

    We already showed you the AsapSCIENCE half of this collaboration between the two channels. AsapSCIENCE focused on genetically altering intelligence, and in this video Jake from Vsauce looks at genetic enhancements as a whole. He also compares genetic modifications to Bioshock.

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  9. How Much Does Thor’s Hammer Actually Weigh? [Video]

    Nothing, if you're worthy. Duh.

    According to Marvel, the official weight of Thor's hammer Mjolnir is 42.3 lbs. You know, unless you're unworthy of it, in which case it's so heavy as to be unwieldable. But that's not precise enough for the folks over at VSauce3, because why would it be? Instead let's speculate wildly using the awesome power of science!

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  10. Vsauce Dissects an Xbox One in Stop Motion… for Knowledge! [Video]

    The Kinect is crying on the inside, because everyone hates motion controls.

    The Xbox One is bursting at the seams with knowledge! OK, maybe yours isn't, but Jake Roper's in his "Fact Surgery" series on Vsauce will help you learn all about your favorite (or least favorite, depending on which camp you're in) video game console, and this time he's gone the extra mile and brought you some Kinect facts, as well.

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