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Can We Ever Really Know if Red is Red? [Video]


It’s kind of a classic stoner question. Are the colors I see the same as the colors you see? Is there any way of knowing? Strawberries look red like the one on the left, but how do you know the one on the right isn’t what I’m seeing as red? The question has puzzled first semester philosophy students for times immemorial. Thankfully, Vsauce is on the case to answer the question once and for all, or at least to explain why the question is such a difficult one.

The video is a little long, coming in at just under ten minutes, but it’s worth it to finally get a handle on this color thing. As they always do, Vsauce breaks a pretty complex abstract concept down in a way that make it at least a little easier to understand. Check out the video, then blow a stoner’s mind next time they ask if your red is their red.

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