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Vsauce Explores How Much Stuff Video Game Characters Can Carry [Video]

It's not just ridiculous that you can fight holding all that stuff. It's ridiculous that you can even stand up.

Video game characters are known to carry a crap-load of stuff on their person at any given time. Unsatisfied with the accuracy of “a crap-load,” Jake Roper and Vsauce have decided to delve into the mystery of just how much our favorite characters can fit in their virtual pockets.

Much like approximately all of society, Roper has been playing GTA V for hours and hours on end, and he started to wonder just how heavy all of his accumulated weapons and ammo would be in real life. Unsurprisingly to anyone familiar with video games, a full weapon inventory amounted to something in the absurd vicinity of 600 – 800 lbs. So, you’re basically running around shooting and stealing cars with one of the weight of several fully grown adults on your back. Take that, physics!

However, as Roper explains, Steve from Minecraft pretty much takes the cake, what with theoretically being able to load up his inventory with 44,467 metric tons of gold. For you nature buffs out there, that’s about the same as 246 blue whales. The most a real human being has ever managed to carry was 1,216 lbs, and he wasn’t running around building things. So, you know, lift with your legs, Steve.

He then goes on with some interesting discussion about ridiculous amounts of things held in reality, such as the human brain’s capacity of 2.5 petabytes (2,560 terabytes). In a brief misstep, he underestimates how much “emotional weight” Ninja Turtles action figures can carry, but you should really check out the video and the rest of the Vsauce channel for some thought provoking material.

(via Vsauce)

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