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  1. Things We Saw Today: Michelle Obama as Wonder Woman

    Things We Saw Today

    Artist J. Bone was so impressed by Michelle Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention, he decided to depict her as Wonder Woman! (via Robot 6)

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  2. Max Page, Little Boy Who Played Volkswagen’s “Mini Darth Vader,” Having Open Heart Surgery Today

    May The Force Be With You

    Spare a little bit of your time today to send out some good vibes to Max Page, 7, who played the little Darth Vader kid in that adorable Volkswagen commercial last year. He's having open heart surgery today, which will be followed by a summer-long recovery. His mom released an email she wrote, explaining his condition and reaching out for support.

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  3. Dig Out Your Tie Dye Storm Trooper Cosplay: An AT-AT That’s A VW Bus

    For A More Civilized Age

    We'd like to think that this is the wreckage of a small defected duo of Storm Troopers, fed up with the crushing rules of Imperial Life, decided to break away from the last generation's totally harsh sense of existence and travel around Naboo or somewhere temperate, just getting high. On life. Or the Force or something. We're not picky. (via Nerd Approved.)

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  4. Volkswagen’s Star Wars Super Bowl Commercial is Here; Has Almost Nothing to do With Star Wars

    I See What They Did There

    Looks like 'wagen completely buckled under the pressure of coming up with a Super Bowl ad on the level of catchiness of last year's offering, so they decided to do something kinda 'eh' and tangentially tie the two together, attempting to ride on the coattails of their past success. I wonder how many people are going to watch this on game day, having never seen last year's commercial, and have no idea what they are looking at. Alternatively, they could have remade the commercial with an adorable version of another famous character, and given it a twist ending. Ah well.

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  5. I Have No Idea What Volkswagen is Trying to Sell Me in Their Star Wars Dogs Ad [Video]

    I do like dogs, and I do like Star Wars but I still don't know what popular German car manufacturer Volkswagen is going for in this new ad. It's no doubt related to last year's young Darth Vader ad, but how? Also, is it just me or is a teaser for a Super Bowl ad just a little strange? Whatever. It's got cute dogs.

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  6. Greenpeace’s Star Wars Ad Leaves Us Conflicted, Shamed

    For A More Civilized Age

    Hey! It's another tiny Vader commercial! *GASP* And there are tiny Jedi! And droids! And walking carpets. Oooh, and they're all going to fight Vader and he's... going to activate the Death Star... and kill everyone. Because he represents anti-environmentalism. Because he is the bad guy. And we should take care of our planet. And planet carers join the Rebels... *sigh* Greenpeace: lures you in with adorable Star Wars kids, and then makes you feel feelings. (via copyranter.)

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  7. Driverless Cars Soon Legal in Nevada

    You can now add "letting your car do the driving" to the long, long list of things that you can legally do in Las Vegas. The state of Nevada recently passed Assembly Bill 511, which tasks the Department of Transportation with drafting rules for driverless vehicles. This might sound absurd, and in many ways it is, but driverless vehicles aren't the pie-in-the-sky projects they used to be. Google has tallied over 140,000 miles with a fleet of automated Toyota hybrids. Likewise, Volkswagen has shown off a semi-automated driving system based around established technology, bringing the possibility of mass produced automated cars even closer. Nevada is trying to get out ahead of oncoming technology, perhaps aiming to ease the adoption of driverless cars should they ever come to market. And it makes sense, at least in the context of Las Vegas: with all the drinking and carousing, anyway to keep such people from getting behind the wheel is a good thing. Likely to be less enthused by such technology will be the numerous limo services in the area. (via Forbes, image via

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  8. Eat This Volkswagen Ad. No, Really.

    This is the ad that Volkswagen recently took out in an issue of Auto Trader, in which they encourage readers to "eat the road." VW even listed the ingredients on the side, perhaps as a joke and perhaps as reassurance. It apparently contains glutinous rice flour, water, salt, propylene glycol, FD&C colour, and glycerine. Of course, claiming that something is edible can only lead to one thing. See the results below:

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  9. Volkswagen Reveals the 21st Century Beetle

    Today, in a multinational unveiling, Volkswagen showed the world the new design for their iconic car, the Beetle. The classically quirky car was originally relaunched with an updated design in 1998, and today's unveiling marked only the second refresh the car has seen. Departing from their previous designs, VW has presented a surprisingly sporty automobile they call the 21st Century Beetle. In their announcement today in New York, the president of Volkswagen Group of America Jonathon Browning described the car as a true spiritual successor to the car first designed nearly 70 years ago by auto-legend Ferdinand Porsche. Head of Design Klaus Bischoff joined him on stage, describing how they wanted to give the car a stronger, more masculine appearance by widening the wheel base, lengthening the body, and using larger wheels. The new design is, in general, less rounded then its predecessor, which had a dome-like profile.

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  10. A Car That Runs on Poop

    Yesterday, British sewage treatment company Wessex Water unveiled a car that runs on poop. The new Bio-Bug is a Volkswagen Beetle powered by methane biogas generated from fermented human waste, and according to the Bristol-based company, the fartmobile can travel 10,000 miles annually on waste collected from 70 households! Keep on poopin' for your mileage, folks.

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