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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Star Wars

Star Wars Has Never Looked Prettier Than it Does in Miniature

ZahirBatin’s photos taken with Star Wars action figures are sometimes funny, sometimes sad, and sometimes just beautiful. But they all paint a picture of the every day trials of a stormtrooper. It’s not all bad, though. Some times you get to meet very large baby chickens.


It's Technical

Star Wars, Captain America 3 Release Dates In Flux, Resident Evil & Terminator: Genesis Start Filming

Disney may not be ready to announce anything official as far as casting for the next Star Wars films but they are debating release dates for both Star Wars VII and Captain America 3: Black Widow Steals The Show (title pending approval) while also giving a few other small details. Read on for more, as well as a possible name for the next Resident Evil film and the first picture from the set of Terminator: Genesis.


Aren't You A Little Short For A Stormtrooper?

Yub Nub! Her Universe Teases Ewok Hood Tank!

When Ashley Eckstein uploaded this picture to Instagram the other day, I may have done a little dance. An Ewok dance. This upcoming release from the geek fashion designer is much like the Rogue Squadron Hood Tank…except this one has ears!!!! Check out the Her Universe Instagram page for a new Star Wars dress and Doctor Who skirt as well.

Previously in Star Wars


May The Force Be With You

Star Wars Writer Might Have Just Confirmed That New Movies Are Ditching the Expanded Universe

Our knowledge of what the Star Wars sequel trilogy is going to look like is basically nil. It might involve Tatooine, but that’s not confirmed. Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher might be back, but we don’t know if the contracts have been signed. We could be getting “a young black or mixed-race woman who may be a descendent of Jedi Knight Ben Kenobi“… or maybe not. In the absence of any concrete information about the story of Episodes VII-IX, fans have been speculating about what might not be included, ie whether Disney will airlock the rich Expanded Universe canon that’s been established over decades of books, comics, video games, and other tie-in materials. Thrawn! The Jedi Academy! Mara Jade!

Unfortunately—or not, your mileage may vary—it’s looking like the answer to that question is “Yes.”


Just Go With It

And Now, A Few Pop Culture Favorites, Immortalized In Marshmallow Peeps

How better to commemorate pop culture and children’s books than with strangely resilient marshmallow confections? That’s Nerdalicious! pointed us in the direction of Sugar Swings (run by Michelle Clausen), where many a bunny has been transformed. Click through for the sugary goodness.


May The Force Be With You

Straight From WonderCon, Here’s A Space-Battling New Clip From Star Wars Rebels

I’m not sure which bit I like better: Hera’s game face (which is serious business), or the little arms that come out of Chopper’s head. They’re like the astromech droid equivalent of arguing in all caps.


TK-421 Why Aren't You At Your Post?

Your Saturday Project: Identify The Mystery Object In This Apparent Photo Of The Star Wars: Episode VII Set

The picture you see before you comes from The National, a daily newspaper published in Abu Dhabi. The photographer, Mona Al Marzooqi, reportedly captured it near “a large encampment of tents” deep in the desert, surrounding what appeared to be part of a set.

Now, last week, The Hollywood Reporter stated that they were pretty sure Abu Dhabi was going to be the new home of Tatooine, so this isn’t the first time we’re hearing about this location. According to The National, their sources within the Abu Dhabi film industry say that crew members have already been hired for the shoot. However, local residents don’t seem to know about it, and Disney, of course, isn’t saying anything. It is entirely possible that this picture has nothing to do with Star Wars whatsoever. Is that going to stop fans from speculating on what the object might be? Of course not!


om nom nom

Lunchbox Dad Creates Pop-Culture Meals For His Kids

It probably says something about my urge to take care of something other than a cat that I can’t imagine packing any type of lunch for a child, let alone a creative one. Thankfully, Beau Coffron, also known as “Lunchbox Dad,” is happy and willing to do so for his three children. Take a look at just some of the fantastic lunchbox images he’s put together with yummy ingredients which make up Star Wars, Frozen, Dr. Seuss characters and more!


eye candy

Craig Drake Illustrates Badass Female Action Stars & More In Solo Show

I’ve been ogling Craig Drake’s work for a while now and when I saw he was doing a solo show, I lamented not having $200 for his work featuring Buffy…on wood! Then I found out there were prints. But they were already sold out (#nerdworldproblems). However, thanks to “The Internet,” I can look at his gorgeous images until my heart is content. Take a look at a few of his pieces featuring characters from Game of Thrones, Kill Bill, Star Wars, and more.


And All Was Right With the World

Harrison Ford Did a Reddit AMA, Was An Amazing Curmudgeonly Bastard

To be fair, a lot of the responses Harrison Ford gave during his Reddit AMA—specifically what he says about that Blade Runner sequel—are not at all grumpy old man-like. But his answer to the question “Who shot first, Han or Greedo?” is so curmudgeonly that it pushes the whole thing over the edge. Harrison, we love you. Never change.