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  1. So Molecular Sensor “Tricorders” Exist, And They Can Tell You Exactly What’s In Your Food

    Now we can all know exactly what makes cheese so cheesy.

    Have you ever caught yourself eating something and wondering, "Gee, I sure hope there isn't any semen in this?" Well luck is with you, strange friend, because the folks at SCiO have developed a real-life tricorder that can scan and determine the exact molecular make-up of whatever you happen to be eating at the moment.

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  2. Google Maps Makes Its Triumphant Return to Windows Phone

    Earlier this week, we reported that Windows Phone owners were disappointed to discover that accessing Google Maps on their Internet Explorer web browser redirected them to the company's search engine homepage. It's no mystery that Microsoft and Google can never be seated in the same room together, but it was still a pretty low blow on the latter's part. After a juvenile back-and-forth between the two tech companies over WebKit browsers, rendering engines, and all that other nonsense jargon, Google has -- we assume reluctantly -- extended the proverbial olive branch and is once again offering Windows Phone users access to Google Maps via Internet Explorer. Hopefully, this move will be enough to ease any tensions that had arisen from the past upset.

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  3. $19 a Month, Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data Plan Is No Joke [UPDATED]

    There is a $19 dollar a month, unlimited talk, text, and data cellphone plan. Seriously, this is for real. The plan is offered by Republic Wireless and seems to be everything it claims to be, with a few sensible caveats, but hey, it's $19 dollars a month. It would be sketchy if there weren't any caveats. The plan was only announced last week, to much jaw-dropping, and now it really exists. It seems that the magic is all made possible by Wi-Fi being used in an exceedingly intelligent way.

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  4. Pee on Your Phone if You Want to Know if You Have an STD

    With the help of a four million pound grant (about six-and-a-half million dollars), the UK Clinical Research Collaboration is currently developing a computer chip that, once urinated or spit on, can be plugged into a phone and can then tell the user whether or not he or she has STDs including herpes, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. Ultimately, they plan for the chips -- which are projected to be the size of a USB chip -- to be sold in vending machines for around $0.80 to $1.60, in order to encourage people to perform self-exams who would otherwise avoid an exam because of embarrassment or cost issues.

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  5. The Size of Our Devices Was Determined By The Size of the Average Sheep

    That's right. Books, and everything that's been made to imitate them, owes its specific size to exactly how much skin you can get off a sheep. I know, this sounds like some weird expansion pack for Settlers of Catan, but allow us to explain.

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  6. No Upgrading to Windows Phone 7 from Windows Mobile 6

    The word is out. Natasha Kwan, Microsoft's

    (deep breath) General Manager for Mobile Communications Business in the Asia-Pacific market

    (deep breath) has announced that phones currently running the Windows Mobile 6 OS will not be upgradable to Windows Phone 7; stating "Because we have very specific requirements for Windows Phone 7 Series the current phones we have right now will not be upgradable."

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