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Pee on Your Phone if You Want to Know if You Have an STD

With the help of a four million pound grant (about six-and-a-half million dollars), the UK Clinical Research Collaboration is currently developing a computer chip that, once urinated or spit on, can be plugged into a phone and can then tell the user whether or not he or she has STDs including herpes, gonorrhea, and chlamydia.

Ultimately, they plan for the chips — which are projected to be the size of a USB chip — to be sold in vending machines for around $0.80 to $1.60, in order to encourage people to perform self-exams who would otherwise avoid an exam because of embarrassment or cost issues.

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Dr. Tariq Sadiq, senior lecturer and sexual health and HIV consultant physician at St. George’s, University of London, suggests the technology could detect a range of STDs, “such as chlamydia or gonorrhea,” and could then inform the user where to go to get treated.

According to the Guardian, the “self-testing devices are aimed at technology-savvy young people,” an aim which I feel can be more easily achieved by adding level gains and raid bosses.

(Guardian via Wired)

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