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  1. Things We Saw Today: Hugh Jackman Geeks Out Over Marvel’s Spider-Man News

    "Wow. Wow. Wow."

    Spider-Fan, Spider-Fan.

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  2. Things We Saw Today: Light-Up Stargate Cosplay

    Bow down.

    Here's DeviantARTist Nyima-chan cosplaying as a Stargate like a total badass.

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  3. Things We Saw Today: SCYTHER! (Translation: This Is The Best Lady Scyther Pokémon Cosplay Ever)

    Scyther scy!

    This Scyther outfit by Termina Cosplay might take the Pokémon cosplay cake. Seriously, how bad-ass does she look? I wouldn't even trust my Charmander against her. (via Fashionably Geek, photo by Reid Brazel)

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  4. New Study Says Giant Ancient Sloths Were Aquatic

    Just when you though it was safe to get back in the water.

    Sometimes I resent evolution. A study published this week in the Proceedings of Royal Society B. claims that millions of years ago, sloths were six-feet long and spent most of their lives in the water. Thank you, survival of the fittest, for depriving me of a world full of underwater sloth rides and hypnotically slow games of beach volleyball.

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  5. Monday Cute: If One of These Sloth Tees Replaced Three Wolf Moon, We’d Be Okay With It

    and let it be known

    Good morning. There is an Amazon retailer that sells shirts of sloths doing various things they probably shouldn't. Like stripping, attacking the Hindenburg, or co-starring in Dirty Dancing. They pretty much all come in women's sizes too. Don't say I never did anything for you.

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  6. Sloths Could Be Carrying Cancer Treatment Around On Their Backs

    Slow and steady may win the race

    Obviously sloths are adorable, but unfortunately their extreme cuteness alone isn't enough to stop us from "fern gullying" their habitat. Thankfully, a study done on the medicinal value of sloth fungi may provide huge incentives for us to conserve their rainforest home.

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  7. Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sloth Poop

    Sloths are adorable, even at their grossest.

    It's not surprising to hear that sloths are too chill to poop more than once a week. But why do they do it on the forest floor? Ecologists are studying the poop pilgrimage of the three-toed sloth, and the science behind it is a little weirder than what we would expect from such cute little squirts.

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  8. Things We Saw Today: All the Women of the Supreme Court Get One Portrait

    Things We Saw Today

    Okay, now do one for the men. It should only take you about thirty two years, which, incidentally, is how long it's been since the first female American Supreme Court justice took the bench for the first time. (HuffPo)

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  9. 101 Fictional Characters From Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and More as Sloths

    Just What You've Always Wanted

    The artist behind Shitty Watercolour embarked on a noble quest: To draw 101 fictional characters as sloths. Game of Thrones. Harry Potter. Doctor Who. They're all here, and all sloth-y. As if that's not brilliant enough, his website and Society6 pages are a treasure trove of even more sloth illustrations. Don't delay (or do): Click the cut and see some of our favorites.

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  10. Things We Saw Today: Hey, People at SDCC. Buy Us Some Direwolf Plushies.

    Things We Saw Today

    Yes, but do any of these SDCC-exclusive stuffed direwolves [Game of Thrones season three finale spoiler] have a detachable head? Head to io9 for Factory Entertainment's three-eyed-crow and dragon egg plushies.

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  11. Rings, in the Shape of Sloths, to Hug Your Fingers


    "In most conditions, the fur hosts two species of symbiotic cyanobacteria, which provide camouflage. Because of the cyanobacteria, sloth fur is a small ecosystem of its own, hosting many species of non-parasitic insects." - Wikipedia. Previously in Rings and Sloths

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  12. Things We Saw Today: The Wolverine Finally Gets Another Good Poster

    Things We Saw Today

    The Wolverine has gone back to calligraphy-inspired basics for the first poster of villain Silver Samurai. It's not as good as this one, but it's miles better than these. (Digital Spy)

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  13. Here is a Sloth Cuddling With a Cat and Giving it Skritches


    I was going to save this for Monday Cute, but I think its place is here. Its place is now.

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  14. Hey You Guys! Here’s a Compilation of Adorable Sloth Videos

    The Internet is pretty much overrun by cute animals, and we're sure not complaining about that. There's no shortage of cat pictures online, but pound-for-pound there's nothing cuter than a baby sloth. The Internet could really use more adorable sloth content, so we fully support this video of comedic sloth facts that make up the latest installment of the YouTube show True Facts. Geekosystem love Sloth.

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  15. Sick Baby Sloths Are Shaved, Buttered, Swaddled, but Still Adorable [Video]

    When baby sloths get mange, it can be particularly difficult to treat. Fortunately Judy Avey-Arroyo at the Costa Rican sloth sanctuary has a solution: A shave, a slathering in a special lard mixture, and then swaddling in bandages. The treatment looks extreme, but it seems to work and has the added benefit of leaving the sloths looking cute as all get out.

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  16. Kristen Bell Really, Really, Really Loves Sloths [VIDEO]

    It's A World of Laughter A World of Tears

    I am so excited to show you all this video. Why? Because Kristen Bell is really, really, really excited and it's contagious. As someone who gets extremely emotional when it comes to animals, even just watching them on television, this video makes me very sympathetic for the Veronica Mars/Forgetting Sarah Marshall actress. Her boyfriend gave her a very special present for her 31st birthday, something she'll never forget. A visit from a sloth. And yes, he captured her reaction on video and she let Ellen DeGeneres play part of it on her show even though it's kind of embarrassing. In Bell's own words, "Welcome to @theellenshow ! todays topic? Kristen Bells inability to handle her emotions!" I adore you, Kristen Bell. (via Videogum)

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  17. Watch These Baby Sloths Get Better Spa Treatment Than You


    This woman loves sloths but I'm not quite sure she's got a handle on what "stressful" means. These little baby sloths seem to love getting pampered at bath time and in fact, I'm quite jealous at their regular regimen. But I'll forgive because well, adorable. (via The Daily What)

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  18. One Scientist’s Relationship With a Zombie Sloth [Video]

    What It Says On the Tin

    This is a story (by Slothvision) about a scientist. He loves his sloth, but then his sloth died. So, that scientist decided to take matters into his own hands, play God, and do whatever he could to continue his happy-go-lucky sloth fun times. And he did! Yay! (via Geeks Are Sexy)

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  19. 88 Seconds of Sloths, and One of Them is Wearing a Party Hat

    Sloths have the reputation for being the laziest animals on the planet, but frankly I think it's not only unfair, it hides the fact that sloths are also adorable. This point will surely be driven home in the upcoming documentary titled (no kidding): Too Cute! Baby Sloths, which premiers December 17th 8:00 PM EST on Animal Planet. In the meantime, you can watch an 88-second trailer, which includes the aforementioned sloths being extremely cute at the world's only sloth orphanage in Costa Rica.

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  20. Educational Monday Cute: Sloth Potty Training

    And Now For Something Completely Different

    Potty training at the sloth orphanage from Lucy Cooke on Vimeo. "You can take a sloth to the poo pole, but you can't make him poo." H'yup. (via Neatorama.)

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