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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Reed Hastings

Don't Panic

Netflix Seems Unsure as to Whether Arrested Development Will End After Season Four

Arrested Development fans, I’m sorry, but I have some (potentially) bad news: Season four, airing on Netflix in May, might be the show’s last.


Never Mind

Netflix Dropping Qwikster, Will Deliver DVDs Under Netflix Name (Just Like It’s Been Doing)

Hey, remember that time Netflix said that they were “making some changes,” that it was going to be exclusively streaming and separate its instant video from its DVD delivery service? Well, as Emily Litella would say, “Never mind!” Netflix has announced that just three weeks after announcing Qwikster for DVD delivery, it’s ditching that idea and just sticking to offering all services as Netflix. Oh, Netflix, you incorrigible scamp.


A Lesson in Humility

Netflix On Its New Plan: We Don’t Want to Be Borders

So, fellow Netflix subscribers (or what’s left of you, since a million of you have dropped the service): Did you receive an email this morning from the company’s co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings, saying “I messed up”? And then a lengthy explanation as to what’s going to happen to its DVD service, about how it’s going to be completely dropped from Netflix and turned into a new service called Qwikster, but swearing that there will be no further changes in cost? I got that email too! It was like being in a relationship with someone, then suddenly being told “I’m going to let you pay for all of our dates now, is that cool? Because I’m going to spend my money on inventions instead, but you’ll love those inventions I’m going to invent, I promise,” and then the next morning you get a text saying, “I messed up.” And now, they’re all worried that someone else is going to come up with that invention first, or maybe they already have, and now they just want us back as their girlfriend/customer for moral support (and money), but all they’re really going to do is tell us how pretty we are … I’m sorry, am I the only one who has dated a hypothetical inventor? Anyway, let’s talk about Netflix now. It’s changing again, but not the prices. They promise.