Netflix CEO Says They’re a Streaming Company that Happens to Do DVD-By-Mail

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Netflix announced its quarterly earnings yesterday, and revealed that 66% of subscribers have streamed content online, which led to the prediction that more subscribers will stream content online than receive DVDs in the mail by next quarter.

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According to Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO, “By every measure, we are now primarily a streaming company that also offers DVD-by-mail.”

Netflix announced a streaming-only service for Canada, which some speculate may be a testing ground for a similar future US-based service. A streaming-only option would actually benefit Netflix by saving postage fees and benefit customers by (probably) cutting the cost of service.

If Netflix wants to offer a worthwhile streaming-only option, as a longtime Netflix subscriber I would suggest they’d need to significantly cut the price of their already cheap subscription, or significantly add to what titles are available to stream, seeing as how for every title available to stream, there’s always another title that isn’t.

(via Fast Company)

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