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Red Cross

  1. The Red Cross Wants Games to Have Consequences for War Crimes

    Maybe their members are older gamers who just miss when video games were hard?

    The war over pretend war rages on, and the International Committee of the Red Cross has weighed in on violent games. Previously, they decided that gamers couldn't be convicted of war crimes for the things they're doing in games like Call of Duty. Yes, that's a real thing they spent time discussing.

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  2. Wasps Get Bored, Bored Wasps Get Drunk, Drunk Wasps Get Mean

    We apologize in advance for the nightmares you'll probably have tonight.

    Wasps are basically tiny little nightmares when they're just doing regular wasp stuff, but the idea of a bunch of wasps getting drunk and looking for a fight is some next-level terror. The British Red Cross is warning citizens of the increased danger from drunk wasps, and the problem basically stems from unemployment.

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  3. Things We Saw Today: Art for Japan

    Things We Saw Today

    Bleeding Cool has a collection of pieces being either sold or auctioned off by the artists, the proceeds for which will go towards aid for Japan, including the scarf featured above, designed by James Jean. Also joining the cause is James White, who is selling the "Help Japan" poster on his blog. (via Boing Boing)

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  4. The Sendai Earthquake in Pictures

    Natural Disasters

    Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has called the Sendai earthquake the "most difficult crisis" for his country since World War II and says that he has faith that his country will have the strength to overcome this disaster. The official death toll still stands around 1,200 with another 1,000 reported missing and 1,700 injured. However, the badly-hit coastal town, Minami Sanriku, in Myagi Prefecture, cannot account for nearly 10,000 of its residents -- half its population. At the same time, the country is struggling to prevent a nuclear meltdown at its damaged power plants as well as a potential second explosion. (According to Noriyuki Shikata, a spokesperson for the Prime Minister, the situation at the Fukushima Denai power plant is "under control.") As of this writing, 160 people have been tested for radiation exposure which may have occurred while they were waiting to be evacuated. Japanese officials have increased the earthquake's magnitude to 9.0 and they continue to feel strong aftershocks. And because of the sustained activity at the faults, there is a chance that another magnitude 7.0 earthquake could occur. More images from the aftermath after the jump.

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  5. Things We Saw Today: Japan’s Earthquake Aftermath

    Things We Saw Today

    More images at BuzzFeed. Also: George Takei has tweeted instructions on how to donate $10 to the Red Cross via text message:

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  6. 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Japan, Tsunami Follows

    Natural Disasters

    At 2:46 pm local time, a massive earthquake hit Japan, causing between 200 and 300 deaths and hundreds more reported missing (at the time of this writing). Thousands of residents are evacuating in the wake of the tsunami that followed, and coastal flooding has resulted in extensive damage to rice fields, homes, and entire towns. The quake itself sparked at least 80 fires, according to Japan's Kyodo News Service, and residents have felt 67 aftershocks with magnitudes as big as 7.1. The epicenter was approximately 230 miles to the northeast of Tokyo. Japan is no stranger to earthquakes, but this 8.9 event is being called the biggest in 100 years. Waves from the tsunami have rocked the Pacific Ocean and reached the shores of Hawaii. They are expected to reach the west coast of the United States this morning but serious damage is not expected. Residents of California are not, however, advised to visit the shores today. The Red Cross is now accepting donations for earthquake relief. (Top pic via Business Insider, Story via CNN)

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  7. “Drunk” Tweet Accidentally Sent From American Red Cross Twitter Account

    Last night, the above tweet appeared on the Twitter account of the American Red Cross, showcasing something pretty inappropriate for an emergency assistance humanitarian organization. The culprit of the odd tweet was simply someone who had access to the Red Cross Twitter account, and made a mistake using HootSuite. The Red Cross handled the situation pretty entertainingly--something that doesn't happen much these days--and released a charming followup tweet. The best part about all of this, other than the calm (or cold, calculating and secretly terrifying?) poise of the Red Cross, is that the Red Cross managed to turn this digital faux pas into receiving donations (which further solidifies the calculating and terrifying theory), as Dogfish Head Brewery, whose beer was mentioned in the accidental tweet, encouraged donations. Both the culprit's announcement of her mistake and the Red Cross followup tweet can be seen after the break.

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