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Things We Saw Today: Art for Japan

Things We Saw Today

Bleeding Cool has a collection of pieces being either sold or auctioned off by the artists, the proceeds for which will go towards aid for Japan, including the scarf featured above, designed by James Jean. Also joining the cause is James White, who is selling the “Help Japan” poster on his blog. (via Boing Boing)

Who wouldn’t want their child to dress up like one of the worst robot role models in a Matt Groening animated series? (via BuzzFeed)

Brooklyn-based Australian illustrator James Gulliver Hancock (if that name is fake, then I’m officially disappointed) has challenged himself to draw every building in New York City. Here is 666 Greenwich Street. (via Flavorwire)

Since you asked, here is how to Battlestar Galactify your desktop computer. (via I Heart Chaos)

I don’t mean to shout, but THERE IS A WATERSLIDE IN THIS HOUSE. (via Super Punch)

On March 20, The Very Hungry Caterpillar will be used as an educational tool to combat childhood obesity and promote good eating habits. Which is exactly what The Very Hungry Caterpillar is all about, and which makes me feel really guilty about the picture below. (via AOL Health)

And, finally, a row of (smart) dogs, napping in a sunbeam. (via Blame It On the Voces)

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