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  1. One of the Guys Who Plumbed His Friend’s House with Beer Explains How It Worked

    The Geekosystem HQ faucets still only dispense water, and we're not happy about it.

    Yesterday we saw the video of a group of guys in New Zealand who plumbed their friend's house with beer because they are the greatest friends in the history of friends. One of the pranksters, Sean Brown, spoke with Right This Minute about how the prank was achieved, and they were kind enough to share the video with us.

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  2. Man’s Friends Plumbed His Entire House to Pour Beer From Every Faucet

    With friends like these... you know what? Friends like these would be amazing.

    Have you ever wished for every faucet in your home to pour cold beer at all times? Then you're probably going to want to buddy up with these guys from New Zealand. While their friend Russ was out they reworked the plumbing in his house and hooked it all up to kegs of beer. We're calling it. Best. Friends. Ever.

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  3. Round Three of Invisible Drive Thru Prank, Still Great, Still Invisible

    Fast food employees have to catch on eventually, right?

    We get a lot of "prank" videos in our tips inbox. They all get measured against what we consider to be the gold standard of YouTube prank videos, and that's magician Rahat Hussein's "Drive Thru Invisible Driver" prank. He has a third installment, and it's just as good as the original. Look for the girl who spots the camera.

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  4. Invisible Driver Prank Returns for Another Installment, Now With Added Zombie [Video]

    Ho hum, another ridiculous drive-thru prank. Must be Wednesday.

    We've featured YouTube magician Rahat Hussein on Geekosystem a few times, now. Over the past few months he’s put out several videos of his "invisible driver" prank, where he uses his car seat costume to trick drive-thru employees into thinking that there’s no one  driving the car. That can get old quickly, though, so clearly the only logical next step was for him to put a headless mannequin costume and have fellow YouTube prankster Ed Bassmaster dress up like a head-chewing zombie in the passenger seat. You know, like you do.

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  5. Television Prank Has Zombie Apocalypse Begin in Montana of All Places

    Love them or hate them, you already know that flesh-eating zombies have been shambling roughshod through pop culture these days. Surely, the more we see them on the screen, the less we would believe in them -- except perhaps for those Great Falls, Montana residents who were spooked by yesterday's  TV-broadcast warning "that the dead of are rising from the grave."

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  6. I’m Still a Ghost! The Invisible Driver Drive-Through Prank: Part Deux

    Earlier this month we saw YouTube user MagicofRahat's "Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank," where he pulls up to fast food windows wearing a costume that looks like a car seat, thus making him appear invisible. It was tremendous! We spent days shouting "I'm a ghost!" and "Instagram dat joint!" at each other here at Geekosystem HQ, and we're thrilled to see Rahat's released a sequel, although I am a little disappointed nobody tells anyone else to "Instagram dat joint!" There's a pretty great moment with a girl in a Where's Waldo hat who's just not having it.

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  7. I’m a Ghost! Invisible Driver Fast Food Prank [Video]

    As if the people working the drive-through window of fast food places don't have it bad enough, they're often on the receiving end of a lot of dumb pranks. "Coning" was a weird one where people grabbed ice cream cones by the ice cream. "Fire in the Hole!" -- where jerks throw drinks at the employees -- was probably the worst. This one though... this one we like. A guy built a car seat costume and used to it make fast food workers think there's no one in the car. No one gets hurt. Nothing gets sticky. We just get a hilarious video and the new catchphrase "Instagram dat joint!"

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  8. Watch Folks Handle the iPhone 4S After They’ve Been Told It’s an iPhone 5

    Just in case you somehow managed to avoid all forms of communication yesterday, the first thing you should know is that Apple did in fact have an event yesterday, and, yes, they announced the iPhone 5. There's something akin to religious fervor that spreads as new gadgets get announced, especially from the former home of Steve Jobs. In fact, folks are so willing to believe that the iPhone 5 is obviously better than its predecessor, that when told they're going to be handed an iPhone 5, they're willing to completely ignore the fact that it's actually an iPhone 4S. Hit the jump for the video.

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  9. Osama Bin Laden Flies First Class on British Airways?

    Apparently someone at British Airways doesn't know where to draw the line with pranks. Or someone's just really angry. Either way, an employee for British Airways decided, for whatever reason, that it would be funny to put a picture featuring a boarding pass assigned to Osama Bin Laden in an internal company-run magazine. The article it accompanied covered the airline's new service allowing travelers to download boarding passes to their iphones instead of printing them out, ABC News reports. Not only has British Airways given a boarding pass to the world's most infamous terrorist leader, they 've also apparently done it before. He has a frequent flyer number, after all, and you have to be a preferred customer to get a prime first class seat. Let's all agree not to have any flights depart from any gate A10 at any airport on October 26. Just in case the bar code's legit and Osama gets any crazy ideas.

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